Organizzi RFID DayBag

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  • Fabulous Red, (qtumsbrown CA)

    The red is amazing. Lots of storage. I wish the strap was longer to make it a cross body. So much storage, am very happy with the bag.

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  • Great bag, (Liawyn AL)

    I personally love all the pockets and wider shoulder strap. Since I cruise a lot, I love that I can put my iPad in and zip it up. I have already told people that I cruise with often that this is really great.

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  • My new work bag, (aishalove NJ)

    Loving it so far just praying and hoping the strap dont break

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  • Pretty and Functional, (CMJM GA)

    I really like this bag. It has tons of compartments for getting organized. I wish the bottom of the main compartment was just an Inch wider. That would balance out the front flap more. But it is a good, solid, and lightweight bag. And the color is very rich.

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  • Great Size & Organization Strap a little too wide, (QueenCraft MI)

    Has great compartments to keep things organized, perfect size & strap adjustment. Would like the strap to be a bit more narrow, but it works just fine.

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  • Nice bag, (crazycamper NC)

    This is a nice bag. I usually buy leather but the older I get I dont seem to be so tough on my bags.The only thing I would change on this bag is the strap. Its a pretty wide strap and I wish it was a bit more narrow as it can cut into my neck.

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  • So much organization, (BigPond1 FL)

    Ordered 2 different bag styles of this brand. Absolutely keeping this one & returned the other. So many pockets it allows me to separate everything into its own space, even my tiny umbrella from the Genius pack I bought from HSN. This allows me to use this for multiple persons on daily trips (elderly mom). Only draw back is the really thin material they use for all the lining. That was the problem with the other one. Even the exterior was made from that lining. Been using this for weeks now.

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  • Just O.K., (peppermintpac FL)

    Liked the concept of RFID and ALL the storage, BUT it was too bulky with the flap in the front whether you wore it cross body (which I prefer) or over your shoulder, so back it went.

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  • Material not so great , (butterfly192 RI)

    Great purse i use it everyday but material doesn't hold together great. Mines already falling apart. Especially the strap. It holds a lot. But not a long term use. Love the many pockets.

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  • Can't review , (chefelaine WA)

    I'm sure it's a good purse but I never received it. I ordered it twice and both times my money was refunded and account said returned. I can't review this because I never received it

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