Orbic Journey V Flip Tracfone Bundle w/1200 Min/Text/Data/365 Days

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  • Great flip phone, (Danno61 KS)

    The Orbic Journey V is an easy to use, easy to set up flip phone. For someone who uses their phone very little, $50 for a phone and a year of service is a screaming deal.

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  • Great spare phone, (LawLady7 AL)

    I purchased this as a spare phone as I no longer have a land line. I had an incident with my iPhone when it didn't charge and I was running late. I had no way to let anyone know. So it's perfect for a back up. Battery life is pretty good (charge about every 10 days) and coverage is very good.

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  • Simply Works, (PQ21 TX)

    This may not be the most intuitive phone to use, but works well enough to sent and receive calls and messages.Verizon network.BIG Note: Ignore the instructions looking for a red card. Your sim and imei will be printed on a strip of label paper. DO NOT lose it!Call quality is decent and loud, good enough for my hearing impaired grandmother who I have purchased the phone for,Build is a little flimsy as usual for this type of phone. Try to secure the battery cover with some tape or blu tac.

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  • Basic phone, (shopperchick3 OR)

    This is a basic phone, I keep in my car, we are rural with signal difficulties so I use this to call home from town. VERY difficult to set up. It fits my needs but if you are looking for something more, this will be disappointing.

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  • Pretend phone, (littleg12 CO)

    I really liked my flip phone but these are cheap for a reason they don't work from day one charged up nothing happened to bad

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  • No Thanks, (debsvett PA)

    No Thanks I thought it would be nice for elderly but, I couldn't even get it set up, then the little charger that came with it didn't fit the phone..

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  • Orbic Journey Flip, (Ted-Pa PA)

    Received the Orbic flip phone yesterday by USPS. The phone was dead completely. Would not charge at all. I think the battery was at the end of life when shipped out. So I activated the phone anyway online and then took the sim card out and placed it into another TracFone and got my 1200 of min text and data. Also went to a super Riteaid and bought a new TCL Tracfone flip for $20.00 and activated that bringing all the min text and data to new phone. Orbic is no good.

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  • Could be better , (MiYellowRose MI)

    Only giving one star for the value of the minutes/texts/data.The phone is for the birds Had to get a different TracFone

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  • Not new in tracfone package , (Lady_Thunderbolt IL)

    Phone in white box with battery label slapped on box. No red sim and ime card numbers. Third party company probably refurbished. Returned

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  • 2007 WHAT?????, (BitzyVT VT)

    Bought this phone for mentally challenged son to replace his broken flip phone, the type of phone he is comfortable with. After looking at the phone/system details discovered phone release date is 2007 !!! talk min data can not be rolled over to a new phone. You must always press and hold the center button on keyboard to power down. Shutting only the flip part does NOT shut it down. Battery drains super quick if not powered down. Wish I had known all of these things Before Purchase

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  • Orbic, (CrCu6 IN)

    Take the minutes "if you can" throw phone away.

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  • orbic v flip!!, (birdman666 OH)

    I cant review something that don't work . without instructions I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.but when you close the phone & end of day,open in the morning ,the battery is dead

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