Officially Licensed NFL 3-in-1 Combo 2-pack of Crew-Neck Tees by Glll - Seahawks

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  • Best NFL Combo Ever, (GemGirl24 AZ)

    I've purchased the NFL combo sets each season for a few years from HSN & Carl Banks. I'm a 49ers fan. This year far exceeds previous sets. I'm so glad they took off the schedule on the back. It ruined the shirt to wear later on. I love the huge logo on the back designating the year & stadium name. It's really nice and I'll wear the shirt for years to come now. The long sleeve shirt is nice also and the team name on the arm is so big. The graphics are top notch. Great item.

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  • must buy, (masterkeith45 FL)

    great fit. great color, soft, it is a must buy if you are football fan.

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  • NFL 2 Shirts, (Chase7791 MI)

    The printing on these shirts and the colors were great. I got them for my son, and they were too big, so he won't wear them. Also, it says 2022 on the back of the short sleave shirt. It's 2023, so that's bad. Please don't put dates on NFL shirts. It doesn't work when you want to wear them years down the road.

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  • Nice, (Deni333 KY)

    well made wash up nice..

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  • NFL shirt, (Mel1232 MO)

    Love the long sleeve shirt. The short sleeve shirt is tight. So when you put the long sleeve under the shirt sleeve it is really tight

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  • Very Happy With Purchase, (SuperMex62 IL)

    This combo was gifted to my daughter in-laws parents and they love them.

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  • NFL Shirts, (SewNgo WV)

    I bought these for Christmas gifts. I do like that they are bagged separately so I can wrap up two boxes .

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  • Nice shirts, (Meledstick CO)

    Bought these to be a birthday gift for a friend. Nice looking shirts, but the long-sleeved one had a hole in the neck ribbing, so had to return.

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  • Two-piece disappointment, (punnybone PA)

    I get this 2-pack every year. As a Colts fan living in the Philly burbs, HSNs Football Fan Shop is a go-to for my team swag.I'm always pleased by the quality, softness, true-to-team colors, and the durability of the T-shirts. However, I'm always disappointed that the main body shirts aren't a single piece or tube. The seems down the sides always diminish the quality of the shirt, imo. Please consider making them one-piece "tube" shirts going forward. Great job providing larger sizes.

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  • Good quality , (micky2142 PA)

    I like the tops I got the Steelers and so I'd just like to point out a minor mistake being that their stadium name has been changed from Heinz Field to Acrisure.

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  • Big mistake!!, (MLKK1 PA)

    The quality of the fabric is good. Unfortunately, there is a huge mistake on the printing! It states that the home of the Steelers is Heinz stadium. The correct name of the stadium is Acrisure. I will not permit my husband to wear the shirts out of the house. Big waste of money and very disappointing.

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  • sizes were off, (pie22 KY)

    we like the deign however they sizes were off sleeves too short for my husband and for me the fit ws not there

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  • Good Value, (EDR7 FL)

    The shirts will due, but they are a bit lightweight.

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  • Not sure if happy or sad??..., (steelerz86 PA)

    Purchased & Received the 3-in-1 Pittsburgh Steelers combo pack 2 questions:1) WHY in the world are these combos (or other clothing items as well) never avail in womans sizes?? I don't wanna "guess" what my size should be in a "mens " size; as usual, it's tooo big..CAN someone please get with the program??2) I won't be returning it, only because it might be a collectible one day? Year 2022 shown w/ "Heinz" Field" on the t-shirt. Guess no one ever go the memo about the name change to "Acrisure..

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  • Sent the wrong gift., (Gerimk CA)

    I ordered the Bears shirts for my son-in-law in Ca as he is a Bears fan.HSN sent him the Saints and my daughter returned them. I was very disappointed and I hope I was given credit.

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