Ninja Foodi 8.5qt PossibleCooker PRO 8-in-1 Multicooker & Accessories

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  • Ninja Multi Cooker , (Bandman6 MD)

    My wife really likes this multi cooker and accessories. She used it several times after it arrived and immediately enjoyed it.

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  • I hated it at first, but now I love it!, (RJWade CA)

    I first used this to make ox tails and it didn't go so well as I was used to using my pressure cooker. I didn't to give it another chance by making turkey legs. And I'm glad that I did! The meat was tender and suculent. The meat just melted in my mouth. I'm happy that I didn't return it after one meal.

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  • Check prices 1st, (SWEETOMA LA)

    Product arrived. I have not used yet. I saw the same at my local big box store for $60 less. This is a favorite brand of mine. Always reliable.

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  • Love This...BUT..., (TRACINICOLE IL)

    I love my Ninja! The reason for 4 stars is because the cover's handle is metal so when it heats up you will definitely need an oven mitt when handling it. I almost burned my hand :(

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  • Ninja Food Multicooker, (covid2020shopper NV)

    I love the size of this pot. I like being able to bake in it and set a temperature. It was very easy to clean. I purchased one for my daughter also as she does a lot of entertaining for large groups and use it for keeping food warm also.

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  • Great crock pot, (mom54547 MA)

    I have been eyeballing this for a long time and couldn't resist the sale!! The capacity is great!! It arrived and I already used it twice for parties within 2 weeks. Easy to use, the pot, even full is not too heavy like my cast iron crock pot. My only negative is I wish it was ceramic coated and not "Teflon like" coated. I am concerned that that coating in time will start to chip and wear off as they almost always do. Time will tell. It is a great item.

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  • So far so good., (JSJ554 TX)

    I've only made one dish in the cooker so far and it worked as advertised. My big disappointment is the lack of recipes. I thought the promoter said "50" recipes came with it, but there only "15." To really have value over other slow cookers, we need more recipes unique to this appliance.

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  • Worked Well for Buffalo Mac and Chz, (DrMel189949 PA)

    Used this for the first time. Made Buffalo Mac and Chz from the included cookbook. Recipie worked well and tasted delicious. Only one problem.When cooking the macaroni, water bubbled up out of the steam vent hole and dripped down the side of the removable pot into the base unit. I was able to clean it but I can see that I need to watch it carefully when I use it again and maybe lower the temp so there are no boil overs. Worked well under the broiler-no probs there.

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  • Needs better instructions , (Brande2 NC)

    The product is great, but this should come worth better how to use instructions. Directions on each setting, for those of us who were perfectly ok with a regular crockpot but got this instead lol.

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