Ninja Foodi 8.5qt PossibleCooker PRO 8-in-1 Multicooker & Accessories

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  • Great crock pot, (mom54547 MA)

    I have been eyeballing this for a long time and couldn't resist the sale!! The capacity is great!! It arrived and I already used it twice for parties within 2 weeks. Easy to use, the pot, even full is not too heavy like my cast iron crock pot. My only negative is I wish it was ceramic coated and not "Teflon like" coated. I am concerned that that coating in time will start to chip and wear off as they almost always do. Time will tell. It is a great item.

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  • So far so good., (JSJ554 TX)

    I've only made one dish in the cooker so far and it worked as advertised. My big disappointment is the lack of recipes. I thought the promoter said "50" recipes came with it, but there only "15." To really have value over other slow cookers, we need more recipes unique to this appliance.

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  • Worked Well for Buffalo Mac and Chz, (DrMel189949 PA)

    Used this for the first time. Made Buffalo Mac and Chz from the included cookbook. Recipie worked well and tasted delicious. Only one problem.When cooking the macaroni, water bubbled up out of the steam vent hole and dripped down the side of the removable pot into the base unit. I was able to clean it but I can see that I need to watch it carefully when I use it again and maybe lower the temp so there are no boil overs. Worked well under the broiler-no probs there.

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  • Needs better instructions , (Brande2 NC)

    The product is great, but this should come worth better how to use instructions. Directions on each setting, for those of us who were perfectly ok with a regular crockpot but got this instead lol.

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  • I love ninja products but had to return, (sista86 DE)

    Loved it until I tried to slow cookon low, vegetables would not cookon high it literally boiled my food. If the crock pot function is not important go for it, but if you want to use all the functions, beware.

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  • Poor slow cooker, (Jobevan NJ)

    This unit is inferior to the old style Ninja 4 in 1. The slow cooker is extremely slow on the low setting, and on high its too hot, boiling and ruining numerous dishes, Ive tried to make in this. Im disappointed.

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  • Price Comparison Fail, (oldfarmdog IA)

    Costco selling for $20 less.

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  • Lovely Color, (bhealthy FL)

    It's a nice product but not for my lifestyle. We don't use a large amount of meat, in this house, I, personally eat no meat, turkey, beef, but do eat some fish. I didn't see any demonstration during the many presentations I watched to attract people who eat more plant-based. Also, the cooking vessel is oversized which works for large families, but is very high to put into the oven, but not heavy. I did saut vegetables which were ok. I'll stick to using my stove and oven.

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  • Too expensive for a crock pot!!!!, (ScubaBarb NC)

    The only two things I like about this Ninja appliance is the sea salt color and the large pot. But it takes too long to cook a pot roast. And the heat released around appliance is unacceptable. Certainly would not use in the summer. Takes less time to cook using the French brand Dutch oven and is more tender. I will keep for making pasta in the winter. One pot for it all. And too much trouble to return and pay for shipping since its not defective. Waste of money dont buy!!!!

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  • Buttons are ., (islandcandies CA)

    So far, its an obviously bigger unit. The outer shell is definitely thicker than a crockpot, outer shell, perhaps because the heating elements are on the side I do have a few negatives 1) buttons are hard to push before it activates. On average, it takes several hard pushes for it to except the function. 2) the inner Pot seems somewhat thin. although it says its nonstick it feels like it would peel easily in a short time.3) Bake function is a burn function. Planning to exchangeO

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  • Ninja 8.5 cooker, (babaann CA)

    Hard to operate.I had problems operating. Had a problem cooking and understanding how to use the dials.

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  • Disappointed , (ceskins SC)

    I honestly havent cooked in it yet. Was looking forward to looking over all the recipes that came with it but the smallest booklet EVER ! Should be 8 booklets for 8 different cooking methods! Not really expecting 8 but a lot more than what I received! My two other Ninja products came with an ample number so what happened! Not a good user guide either!

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  • Not Happy, (nysmartshopper NY)

    Returning not happy with quality.Going back

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  • Not working , (asaazure MI)

    I spent $40 on two roasts and both of them turned out absolutely horrible. Not sure if its the crockpot yet Im gonna give it one more shot and make some chicken in it and if it doesnt cook it right..its going back what a waste of money my old crockpot is ceramic maybe that has a bearing and how it cooks but both roast or hard and terrible.

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  • Veg undercooked, (Ozzie55 MN)

    I tried to make stew. I put it on slow cook for eight hours. At the end of eight hours my carrots were still hard and the onions were still a little crunchy. Very disappointing.

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