Ninja Express Chop 2-Cup, Grey

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  • Wish I had had this sooner!!, (ALICIAMAINE ME)

    I bought this nearly a year ago. What a difference in food prep. It is easy storage and is attractive it could be left on counter near food prep.The blades are sharp, but are safe inside the container. I hand wash and air dry. I do clean the express chop immediately after use so the food products won't dry on the blades or plastic. This tool is great for those with arthritis or hand deficits where chopping with a knife is challenging. I am enjoying making soups and garnishes.

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  • Awesome, (cocobean2 VA)

    I love this! Its so easy. I had the ones that have the pull string, which I loved but this is really nice. I would recommend to anyone.

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  • Nice little chopper , (klondike91 MI)

    My husband and I love this little chopper. Works really good, never have any problems with it. I blend tuna fish in it, onions, walnuts, bread crumbs and just anything. It's a great little chopper.

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  • excellent chopper, (Isa211956 FL)

    I gave it to my daughter as a present and she told me she was happy because the two blades that the chopper has, chops everything evenly and it does not come out watery.

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  • Ninjas the best!, (missannelk MO)

    Love this chopper, all the efficiency and quality we expect from Ninja!

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  • Best chopper , (Renee802 NY)

    This is by far the best food chopper. I have purchased 3 choppers before I finally got this Ninja chopper

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  • Nice easy chopper , (Mr-Cooker CA)

    Nice easy to use and clean.

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  • What I needed , (10203 AZ)

    Use almost everyday for smoothies

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  • Great for small amounts, (Dawny625 NY)

    Got this for my cousin who wanted a small chopper. Since I love my larger Ninja chopper, I bought this one for her. She is very happy with it. I knew she would be.

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  • Love this, (jasamine24 AZ)

    So much easier than heavy food processor for chopping. Easy clean up.

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  • Best little chopper ever msde, (fattsis1 AL)

    I have used these small little choppers for years. We use them at our restaurant everyday. I couldnt find them anywhere.I thought maybe they quit making them. Im so glad they are still around. Love them.

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  • Awesome Chopper, (jerseygirl988 NJ)

    I love it! Easy to assemble....chops up fast....quick & easy to clean & takes up little to no space on countertop. I am very satisfied with my 2 new Ninja products (Ninja Storm 450-Watt 40 oz. Food and Drink Maker & this Ninja Express Chop). Highly recommend! Thanks, HSN & NINJA!!

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  • Ninja express chop 2 cup, (LL8888 NH)

    I would recommend that everyone have this appliance in the kitchen. I use mine almost daily. I buy fresh herbs and chop them up, I put them in my freezer and take out as needed. This appliance makes it so simple.

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  • Excellent, (dejavu1917 GA)

    Happy I was able to purchase before it sold out. The best small chopper I have had since...ever! Ninja products have never disappointed, this one gets the small jobs done & gets them done right. If you are able to get your hands on one do so, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Best small chopper ever., (mskay255 NJ)

    I am really amazed by the functionality of this chopper. It is so simple and engineered for ease of use. I have two other electric choppers that are more of a nuisance to use. This is meant as a chopper, and not a smoothie maker. It will not leak to the top potion if you use it as a chopper, not to make smoothies, do not over fill the unit.

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