Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • great but could be better, (froggie1 CA)

    Have been using for many years. Have to make adjustments when formula changes. Glad to see melatonin increased; would be perfect if had additional melatonin extended release.

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  • Night time, (mssjeanne413 FL)

    I will never be without these. Using them for years. They help me fall right to sleep no after effects . Lights out Im out.

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  • Help me a lot , (dianatxz04 CT)

    Great used one at night and help me sleep like a baby. Next morning feel great. Love that is natural. I did found some broken ones so the smell its not that great when I open the bottle

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  • Lessmans Usual High Quality, (ValueVal CA)

    The first 3 nights I took 1 of these, I slept uninterrupted for 8 hours. This length of sleep, and the fact I didnt awaken after 3 or 4 hours as I typically would, made me ecstatic. I felt so rested, having such wonderful quality of sleep. Since then, its been a bit hit or miss with these. Some nights 7 hours of sleep, sometimes waking after 4 hours. But the result is still always better than not taking one. At age 68, Im getting some of the best sleep Ive had in years.

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  • Empty capsules, (abeth0816 VA)

    I love this product. I have been using for years but the last bottle I received had capsules with missing product . So far theres been about 10. No quality control

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  • doesnt work all the time, (SANDY122 FL)

    used this product, cant say it works all the time

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  • Great with one exception, (gramoffour FL)

    I am very happy with the Night Time capsules except for the one thing other reviewers mentioned...the smell! I would be very happy if that could be fixed.

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  • It does work to help me get to sleep!, (Junie633 AZ)

    I take it a half hour before I go to bed and it usually will get me feeling sleepy. My only complaint is the smell. UGH! I try not to open the bottle for long just get a capsule out but it smells like dirty feet. Ha! ? what that is from. But I am sticking with it as it is working. I had to take another one twice now bec. one didn't make me sleepy. Directions say you can take up to 3.

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  • Works well, (SueZQ87 CA)

    This has been very helpful for my sleepless nights. No waking up groggy. My only dislike is the scent , but I quickly take them while holding my breath , lol

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  • I LOVE THEM But....., (EveTheRocker NY)

    For me with a ansomnia will only work mixed with another sleep aid or at least a piece of another Double Strengh sleeping pill called JET-ASLEEP that is sold at Dollar General. I love using these mixed with those to help me get a good nights sleep most of the time. I will continue purchasibg and using. them.

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  • Great Product, however, , (Sunshine1776 WA)

    I have a horrible time sleeping and I have tried almost everything. With this product, I have been able to sleep better than I have. However, the smell is absolutely horrific. I would recommend this product if it weren't for the hold-your-nose smell.

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  • Better than melatonin, (pattycakes413 AZ)

    Only used it once in a while. Works good.

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  • Old Age Sleep Issues, (hap09 OR)

    Hi, Old Guy here. I used to be able to sleep just about anywhere until my mid 50's. Now my evening cocktail consists of 2 nighttime acetaminophens and 1 of Andrews Night Time. This seems to works most of the time. Doesn't seem to leave me with a straight melatonin hangover, so yes I recommend trying this to help sleep issues.

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  • Not bad, (MissHoney6 TX)

    This is my 2nd purchase. It does help me fall asleep but I only sleep about 4.5 hours. I do sleep well but no long enough. But its by far better than any other over the counter sleep aid Ive purchased.

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  • Night Time, (Marie6258 IL)

    I have better results from otc aspirin type sleep aids. I realize this is a result of my body and not the product.

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