Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • Bottle says 60, only had 50 inside., (JudyInLA CA)

    Chat was closed when I discovered this discrepancy so I'm posting it here. I've used this product for a few months now, and it does help make me sleepy, but every bottle has had either empty capsules inside, or loose powder in the bottom, along with broken capsules inside. I just rec'd this bottle and when powder came out when I shook out a capsule, I decided to count them. There were only 50 capsules inside, and one of those was cracked, and empty. Do I need to count every bottle I buy?

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  • Counting sheep!, (beccaloni WV)

    Average. Second time trying this product. No better or worse than the drug store product. Will not re-purchase.

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  • Smells , (SAR70 OK)

    It works but smells like a$$! I gag every time and go ahead and take it because it works. The lack of stars because I gag every time I open the bottle. PLEASE WORK ON THE DISGUSTING SMELL!!!

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  • Still not sleeping, (ketchcjs OH)

    I have used his vitamins for a while and notice a difference, so when the sleep aid came on I thought for sure they would work, three nights in a row I used as described and nothing happened

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  • Nighttime, (lkjhgfds8 FL)

    Although Andrew's supplements are of unbeatable quality, this product had no discernable effect for me.

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  • Helps with sleep, (housewife229 CA)

    I'm using this product along with a couple of other andrew lessermons vitamins. One is for hot flashes and another one to help with sleep. I notice since I've been using them all together I sleep a little better. I've had sleep issues for years and notice a change. I would recommend this product. It just smells horrific. Hope he does something about that.

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  • Works okay but smell is awful, (Jojo9244 IL)

    I love most of Andrews supplements but this is just okay. I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep and was hopeful this would be better than other over the counter sleep aids Ive tried. It doesnt. Worst part is how disgusting it smells. Nasty smell.

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  • Count thesheep!, (beccaloni WV)

    Honestly cannot see any difference between Night Time and a regular bottle of Melatonin.

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  • NIGHT TIME, (romeo825 NJ)

    Me personally I really don't see the difference but my wife swears by them

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  • Take 2 and plan to wait a while, (bootsagain2 CA)

    I ordered this in error. Tried it. Went back to the straight Melatonin 3 that works much better/faster for me with no am fog.

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  • Strong Foul Odor, (partyplanner IL)

    This product helps me relax and fall asleep more quickly. No more tossing and turning for me! However, my bottle of product smells awful, like extremely pungent Romano Cheese. I hesitate taking the cap off of the container each evening. Is this normal or could I have received a bad bottle? I would appreciate someone getting back to me. Thank you.

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  • Does not work on me, (aquarius1952 FL)

    I've been taking benadryl in order to sleep, so I thought I would try this, and it doesn't make me sleepy.

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  • Night Time, (nan3332 OH)

    I just started taking Night Time a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. I gave it a 3 because I need more time to try it. I am excited to try it because I do take a lot of Andrews other products and love them!

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  • ?, (Scorpio62 TX)

    I ordered the night time to see if it would really work, now I did use it several times but then I started getting headaches when I would wake up not knowing at the time it was coming from the night time capsuels so i tried a few more times and the same thing happen so I just returned them back, now this is just what affect it had on me so I can say how it would affect others so i am not speaking badly on the product it just wasn't for me.

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  • No sleep, (Z3patty CA)

    I have had insomnia for some time that this item might help with my sleep it has not helped I will be sending it back

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