Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • disappointed , (NorForMe NY)

    I have bought for years but this bottle smells so bad that it make me sick when I open the jar. Terrible smell and half the capsules are all opened.

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  • Too much melatonin., (Orange-Flower799 NJ)

    I open the capsule and discard half to get less melatonin. 3 mg is not the current research dose of melatonin. Per the reviews, it appears that there was less in a previous product. The smell is probably from the valerian. Please reformulate. MIT researchers and Dr. Al Sears recommend a lot less melatonin. Too much of a pain to return. Will use up, but not reorder. I have a lot of Lessman products. Wont buy any with folic acid, a synthetic folate now associated with breast cancer in women.

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  • 2, (ginny MA)

    It really didn't help

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  • Bluedog, (Hockey81 PA)

    Just received the product . Dont even know if I can even take due to the horrible smell! I mean its disgusting !

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  • Didn't work like last time, (Kgbnurse01 FL)

    I had this before and used on occassion and assisted with sleep. We tried this new order and seems different and doesn't work. Sending back!

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  • Fair, (darling125 CA)

    It doesnt work for me.

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  • Night Time, (JoAnneC25 CT)

    I did not find these pills helpful for sleep. One pill did nothing, I fell asleep 1 1/2 hours after taking 2 pills and slept for 5 hours, (not any longer than I usually sleep). If you decide to buy these pills, I hope they work better for you.

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  • Did not help, (msmac05 GA)

    I had high hopes that this would help me get to sleep and stay asleep, but it really did not seem to do anything.

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  • No help! , (RayRay2009 NC)

    Noticed Nothing. Has not helped me sleep at all.

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  • Not really, (WandaColumba SC)

    These may work in some, but have not provided me with any benefits. That said, I'm a big supporter of all things natural, some work for some and others don't.

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  • Sleep really, (Leib5 VA)

    I tried this for a couple days. It took to long to get to sleep. Did not feel sleepy at all. When it was time to get up I felt sleepy and slept. Only reason for two stars is I finally slept.

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  • disappointed, (katgoldbeach OR)

    i was hoping that this sleep aid would work since melatonin alone didn't help; i tried "night time" several times and for some reason it didn't help me fall asleep

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  • Different Than My First Bottle, (Flygirl2164 AZ)

    The first bottle I tried of Night Time would clear my thoughts and help me sleep. First thing I noticed after opening this bottle is the smell. Truly smells like stinky feet. Even my fingers take on the smell after putting one pill in my hand. Both times I took it, I had a restless night. Sorry Andrew, I LOVE all the other supplements I take of yours (about 8-10 daily for years) but Im just not sure this one is ok.

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  • Not for me, (jackie729 CA)

    I was so hoping this would work for me. I've taken this maybe 3 times but after taking 1 cap last night I decided to read 1 * reviews and see if anyone else has had my current problem. I slept 5 hrs and after getting up I have had constant diarrhea. I looked up what is exactly in Night Time and realized the culprit. I can not tolerate magnesium. 30 mg is not a high dose but my body doesn't like it. If you look up its side effects, diarrhea, nausea, and lethargy are top 3. I'm very disappointed.

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  • Didn't work for me, (emmedix FL)

    19 yr old son just can't turn his brain off at night. We have tried several products. He started with one, then next night two, then next night 3 and he was a little tired, but still didn't fall asleep till 3-4 am. Maybe this will work for others, but not for my son. Also the smell is horrid. That needs to be looked into.

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