Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • Did not receive, (nursedi13 PA)

    Ordered early May. When I checked tracking its be in MN for weeks. NO SUPPLEMENTS BUT I AM BEING CHARGED. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!

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  • No sleep , (bri5 NJ)

    thank god this pill leeps me awake at night no sleep

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  • Not for Me, (1250Carol CA)

    I wanted to love these and the first night I did, fell asleep right away and thats not the issue, the issue is these meds caused bad stomach pain, as soon as I stopped taking them the pains went away,

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  • 2 strikes, (MommOFtwo FL)

    1- the ingredients are different, but the name is the same.2- we opened it to find powder coating everything.

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  • Dont change formula, (HappyinHawaii HI)

    I have been using the former Night time - this new formula has added Ashwagandha and a lesser amount of chamomile. I have been taking the older ones for many years with no side affects. These make me VERY DIZZY.

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  • Beware of Valerian Root!, (Jing77 NC)

    I began having SEVERE abdomen pains several months ago and couldn't pinpoint the problem. My blood tests for liver and pancreas issues were off the charts. I finally looked up side effects for the listed ingredients on this supplement and Valerian Root is the likely culprit. I stopped taking Nighttime and like magic, the pains have ceased. My doctor booked an ultrasound to check my vital organs and I'm going to go ahead with it to see if any damage has been done. I need a refund!

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  • Didnt work for me, (ccss AR)

    This just didnt work for me. It smells awful! But if it worked Ide figure out a way to get it down.

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  • Not so nightime, (Sim-las14 NY)

    I love andrews vitamins but I have to say this does not work for me so I am returning it.

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  • Does not work and the smell is horrendous!, (suzanne521 UT)

    I utilize many of Andrews vitamins but this one offered no benefit related to sleep and the smell is beyond gross!

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  • Long-Time Andrew Fan, (pajenco NC)

    Although I take several of Andrew's vitamin products, and have been a fan since 1998, I couldn't return this product fast enough. After taking one pill, three hours later, I threw up six times and wanted to die. Needless to say, it was a disappointment as I was hoping for something - without drugs - to help me get to sleep, and sleep through the night. I do understand all products don't work the same for everyone.

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  • Beware! Ingredients have been changed, (spanisheyes59 AZ)

    I am so very sorry to give this review but this is not the same sleep aid vitamin. I am a long time customer and love Andrews vitamins but this vitamin the ingredients have been changed. Please bring back the other vitamins.

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  • No sleep and the taste / smell is horrible, (Texas479 TX)

    These did NOT work for me and the foul smell is horrible. I would have to wash my hands after touching the pill because they smelled so bad.

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  • The ingredients have been changed..., (junta FL)

    There has been in increase in Melatonin. Some may not mind but I like the way it was for many years.

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  • Disappointed , (patty_pooh NJ)

    These did not work for me! Don't even deserve one star

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  • Never Received Item, (Lunasmom7 FL)

    I ordered this on 3/5/22. I am still waiting for this item. customer service stated I needed to wait until 3/25/22 before they look into the delay. This is not good business practice. The item is obviously lost. HSN needs to improve upon these policies. I have ordered many Andrew Lessman products, but will not order from HSN again.

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