Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • Still not sleeping, (ketchcjs OH)

    I have used his vitamins for a while and notice a difference, so when the sleep aid came on I thought for sure they would work, three nights in a row I used as described and nothing happened

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  • 2 strikes, (MommOFtwo FL)

    1- the ingredients are different, but the name is the same.2- we opened it to find powder coating everything.

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  • It WORKS!!!, (goldwartz NY)

    Since I was having difficulty sleeping and just plain melatonin products did not work, I figured I would try this. Surprisingly, it worked! Within 1/2hour I was sleepy and was able to sleep the night (except for getting up to go to the bathroom!). I guess the proprietary blend that Andrew put together works synergistically. Definitely worth a try!

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  • Dont change formula, (HappyinHawaii HI)

    I have been using the former Night time - this new formula has added Ashwagandha and a lesser amount of chamomile. I have been taking the older ones for many years with no side affects. These make me VERY DIZZY.

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  • Great!, (Jenn375 IL)

    I can fall asleep and do not wake up groggy.

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  • Beware of Valerian Root!, (Jing77 NC)

    I began having SEVERE abdomen pains several months ago and couldn't pinpoint the problem. My blood tests for liver and pancreas issues were off the charts. I finally looked up side effects for the listed ingredients on this supplement and Valerian Root is the likely culprit. I stopped taking Nighttime and like magic, the pains have ceased. My doctor booked an ultrasound to check my vital organs and I'm going to go ahead with it to see if any damage has been done. I need a refund!

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  • The one supplement I cannot live without!, (MissouriDawn MO)

    If I was allowed only one supplement, it would be this one! I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I had tried numerous products. They either didnt work at all or gave me a hangover the next dayuntil I tried this! It works perfectly for me!! I take one about 30 minutes before bedtime and once I lay down, I fall gently to sleep and get a very restful night of sleep. I awake refreshed with no residual effect (except feeling rested and ready to start a new day). LOVE IT!

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  • From a hard core insomniac-this works., (JudyInLA CA)

    As an insomniac since the age of five, and a super light sleeper since my children were born, I have literally tried everything that claimed to promote sleep. Rx and OTC. Melatonin from 1mg to 10mg, time release, you name it. You get to the point where you'll try anything. I bought this not expecting much, but it WORKS! The first capsule, it dawned on me, this is what tired feels like. I slept for four hours. If I take two, I can sleep for almost six hours. For me, that's a miracle.

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  • Didnt work for me, (ccss AR)

    This just didnt work for me. It smells awful! But if it worked Ide figure out a way to get it down.

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  • Very good, (EJay35 IL)

    This product is very effective in helping me to drop off to sleep and no grogginess in the morning. Andrews products are very effective!

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  • disappointed , (NorForMe NY)

    I have bought for years but this bottle smells so bad that it make me sick when I open the jar. Terrible smell and half the capsules are all opened.

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  • Good nights sleep,, (Bea112 TX)

    For the last few years I been taking Ambien to go and stay asleep.Since I take Night Time I finally got off Ambien, I take 3 capsules before I lay down and by the time I finish my prayer I fall asleep.Getting a good night sleep.Thank you Andrew to help me get of my addiction!

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  • Not so nightime, (Sim-las14 NY)

    I love andrews vitamins but I have to say this does not work for me so I am returning it.

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  • Too much melatonin., (Orange-Flower799 NJ)

    I open the capsule and discard half to get less melatonin. 3 mg is not the current research dose of melatonin. Per the reviews, it appears that there was less in a previous product. The smell is probably from the valerian. Please reformulate. MIT researchers and Dr. Al Sears recommend a lot less melatonin. Too much of a pain to return. Will use up, but not reorder. I have a lot of Lessman products. Wont buy any with folic acid, a synthetic folate now associated with breast cancer in women.

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  • Lessmans Usual High Quality, (ValueVal CA)

    The first 3 nights I took 1 of these, I slept uninterrupted for 8 hours. This length of sleep, and the fact I didnt awaken after 3 or 4 hours as I typically would, made me ecstatic. I felt so rested, having such wonderful quality of sleep. Since then, its been a bit hit or miss with these. Some nights 7 hours of sleep, sometimes waking after 4 hours. But the result is still always better than not taking one. At age 68, Im getting some of the best sleep Ive had in years.

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