Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • Didnt work for me, (sanitamarie )

    I was really looking forward to trying this product, unfortunately it did nothing for me. I do take his Iron pills and love them

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  • it realy works, (Anonymous OH)

    this works well. i found that i must go bed right away or it wont work for me. i feel great when i get up.

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  • Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z, (BEACHGIRL17 )

    Love all of Andrew Lessman's products...I use many of this one. Helps me feel calm in the evening and sleep throughout the night, something that became a challenge for me after my husband passed away. Thank you, Andrew

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  • BEST SLEEP IN YEARS!!!, (Anonymous NY)

    I have always had problems sleeping, I paid over $7,000 for an evaluation from a "sleep clinic", just to find out there was nothing wrong with me. Even VERY strong percription medications did not do the job! After TWO nights of taking two capsuals of "Night Time", my sleep pattern is COMPLETLY restored!!! I get at least 6 hours of QUALITY sleep with no hangover. I really did not except this product to work this well. Thank You - Andrew!

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  • Good Night!, (bibsy WI)

    This product works very well. It very gently makes you sleepy and soon you will be drifting off to sleep! I have tried many, many sleep products and this one seems to do the trick. I am very sensitive to drugs and this one does not make me drowsy in the a.m. This is my second order and with it I want to thank you Andrew! I also appreciate the education that I receive from you Andrew. You have created so many wonderful products to help keep us "living the good life!"

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  • Finally... a good night''s sleep!!, (Anonymous CA)

    I was not expecting this product to work as well as it does! BUT... I fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up totally rested and ready for the day... this product has been a welcome relief to many sleepless nights. I can't thank you enough Dr. Lessman... THANK YOU!!

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  • FABULOUS!, (Anonymous UT)

    I haven't slept through the night or had deep sleep for YEARS! I've been so very tired everyday at work, but could not stay asleep for more than an hour or 2 at a time, then would spend an hour or 2 getting back to sleep. I've been taking one Night Time capsule every night for the last 3 weeks and have not slept this well in many years! Sleeping through the night, but even if I wake up, I can go right back to sleep. No drowsiness. It doesn't knock you out. It just does what my body used to do at the end of the day - get to a relaxed state and natural sleep. WONDERFUL! I feel like a new person. Thank you Andrew!

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  • This One Works...Naturally, (JG108 NJ)

    During the past 3 years I lost my ability to have a good night's sleep and would go weeks with very little. I gave this a try because I trust Andrew’s products and liked the idea that it was all natural compared to prescriptions and other sleep aids. Now I fall asleep within 30 minutes of taking just one capsule and I get a restful, recuperative sleep with a more productive day to follow. This is still the case 6 weeks later. I even look forward to bedtime again. Thanks Andrew!

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  • Could be Me Not the Product ???, (MPTRAINER CA)

    I am still out a little on this product. I do have insomnia and this does not really address that issue very well. I am keeping it and will try it until I use it all up. I had to take 3 caps, it did seem to relax me - but again it could be that it is usually 2-3am & I finally give out, who knows.

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  • Sleep at Last!!!, (Mlkim1 MA)

    After years of interupted sleep I finanlly sleep through the night using this product. I feel great when I wake up (no groggyness). I will never be without this for as long as its available. Thank-you

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  • Sleeping Beauty in NY, (soblue NY)

    It was about 12:30am and I was having another restless night. I really never turn the TV back on once I turn it off. However, this particular night something just kept telling me to turn on the TV. And I did...right there in front of my eyes Andrew was speaking about "Night Time". I looked up and silently whispered Thank You! I recieved them and I have been on them for 3 days. I feel like sleeping beauty in NY. I sleep through the night and wake up well rested. Thank you Andrew,you did again!

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    I took a popular prescription medication for years that gave me slight amnesia and made me eat in the middle of the night. I never slept completely through the night. Andrews Night Time works so much better for me. I have taken it for several months now and have not had any memory problems or getting up in the middle of the night to eat or do other stupid things without remembering the next day. My Dr. and I are so grateful for this product. Thank you so much.

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  • love ,love,love, (tfirebird75 ND)

    Ive tried everything on the market and nothing out there lets you wake up feeling refreshed... this product works thnks andrew..

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  • the ultimate magic pill!, (lk3277 KS)

    I've been having trouble sleeping on and off for several years for no known reason. It got so bad I was thinking about prescription drugs (though hesitant for obvious reasons). I take several of Andrews supplements for years but didn't know this existed until I searched HSN. I take 2 a night and waalaa, no more tossing and turning all night!! I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day! I trust Andrew's supplements and know I am getting exactly what he says are in them.

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  • LOVE THESE PILLS!!!!, (chrissys2girls CA)

    I've been taking these pills for years and they work each and every time I need to take them! I will never be without them! Insomnia sucks! Andrew rocks!

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