Night Time - 30 Capsules

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  • Did not receive, (nursedi13 PA)

    Ordered early May. When I checked tracking its be in MN for weeks. NO SUPPLEMENTS BUT I AM BEING CHARGED. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!

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  • No sleep , (bri5 NJ)

    thank god this pill leeps me awake at night no sleep

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  • Works like magic, (Frankieflr TX)

    I really like this nite time it works!

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  • Sleepy Time!, (luv2shopri RI)

    I take one of these, about one hour before bedtime, and it relaxes me just enough to nod off. There is no drowsiness in the AM, either. Ive been using this for several years with great results.

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  • ADORE, (bellaro TN)

    Andrew Lessman! I order so many of his products. I even got my ex-husband to take his supplements. He nearly had to be sedated to even take an aspirin! lol This helps me sleep, so I never take an over the counter product ever again.

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  • Have not received this, but paying on it, (MaryLou334 MA)

    Works great, but I ordered it 3 weeks ago and have not received it yet. Please follow up.

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  • Night time - 360 Capsules, (Amiracle1 AZ)

    I love this product! I take it half hour before going to sleep, this produce relaxes and helps me fall a sleep every day. I already sent it to a friend which loved it as well!!!Thank you Andrew Lessman. I take many of your products and love them all!

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  • great but could be better, (froggie1 CA)

    Have been using for many years. Have to make adjustments when formula changes. Glad to see melatonin increased; would be perfect if had additional melatonin extended release.

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  • Not for Me, (1250Carol CA)

    I wanted to love these and the first night I did, fell asleep right away and thats not the issue, the issue is these meds caused bad stomach pain, as soon as I stopped taking them the pains went away,

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  • Night time, (mssjeanne413 FL)

    I will never be without these. Using them for years. They help me fall right to sleep no after effects . Lights out Im out.

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  • Bottle says 60, only had 50 inside., (JudyInLA CA)

    Chat was closed when I discovered this discrepancy so I'm posting it here. I've used this product for a few months now, and it does help make me sleepy, but every bottle has had either empty capsules inside, or loose powder in the bottom, along with broken capsules inside. I just rec'd this bottle and when powder came out when I shook out a capsule, I decided to count them. There were only 50 capsules inside, and one of those was cracked, and empty. Do I need to count every bottle I buy?

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  • Night Time Supplement , (Chase7791 MI)

    These work great! I have a hard time sleeping, and these work well to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. My teenage son has trouble sleeping sometimes, and these really help him get to sleep.

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  • Excelente producto, (glorita56 CA)

    Soy una persona que sufro de insomnia por muchos anhos y tomaba pastillas con receta medica ,hasta que probe nightime y resulto mas eficas que las otras ,son naturales no contienen droga y duermo muy satisfactoria Mente las recomiendo a un .

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  • Best sleep ever, (Taylor23 NY)

    The Night Time capsule puts me to sleep shortly after I take it. It keeps me asleep and when I wake up, I don't feel groggy, only rested. Great product.

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  • what a good night's sleep, (Sharon WI)

    thank you - at last. Yes odor when you open the jar but no after taste after swallowing so i was very happy.

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