Nellie's 250-Load Laundry Soda with POW Powder Auto-Ship®

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  • Not for cold water, (DundalkGal19853 MD)

    I love the regular Laundry soda. Since they were out, I ordered this. However I did not know you needed warm water. It did not dissolve in cold water. I used cold water for everything. This laundry soda stuck together and formed a wafer like in the bottom of the washing macine.

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  • Nellies laundry soap, (susan729 FL)

    Love it...I ve been using this product for 5 years...cleans better than most retail fragrance and healthy for your immune system..a win/win

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  • Repeat buyer, (billiejo1225 VA)

    I have been buying this for years. I have super sensitive skin and get hives with alot of detergents. I feel like the clothes get cleaner and I don't break out.

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  • Best Deal, (MsJazzyP NV)

    I really love Nellie's Laundry Soda. I share with my Senior Neighbors.

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  • Very disappointed , (Madelineyok CO)

    The soap came in a broken plastic container, I lost half in the shipping box. I called customer service and told them I lost half of the soap, they said they would credit me 10 bucks. I spent 50 on this soap. Now I have to return it and exchange it, not a good time to get out to UPS and take care of this. Not happy.

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  • Excellent product, (TxGran1128 TX)

    Nellie's our fave way to do the washing.

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  • SOOO disappointed, (LEHamburg NY)

    Was excited to get this. What a disappointment. Main complaint is that IT DOES NOT DISSOLVE in cold water wash like stated.Numerous times I have clumps of white soap on my clothes after the load is done. I now have to dissolve it in warm water before adding it to my wash AND I still occasionally find the soap residue on my clothes, Doesn't get my clothes clean like I expected. Light staining is still there, so much for the POW power. Stuck with it now.

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  • The best!!!, (saffron902 OK)

    Nellies is the best laundry soap I have ever used. It really cleanse as well. I will not use another laundry soap

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  • Remarkable!, (suzmc1 NC)

    I'm not a big fan of organic/natural products when it comes to cleaning. I loved all the big name laundry products I'd used for years. But, something about the Nellie's presentation piqued my interest. So, I gave it a try. I tested 3 of my husband's filthy yard work socks in 3 different loads with different products. Nellie's was the WINNER! Without question - Nellie's sock was much brighter and whiter - amazing. Bye bye Tide, Downey, bleach and OxiClean -- I'm officially a Nellie's raving fan!

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  • Best Laundry Soap Ever, (totodog MI)

    I LOVE this stuff. It cleans like nothing else with so little powder. My clothes do not come out stiff and don't have all the gunk in them that the other store brands leave in. I feel they are absolutely safe to put on your skin. I will never stop using this!

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  • made my dark clothes streaky white, (OhioluvsHSN OH)

    Not sure how this gets good reviews, but it turns my dark clothes streaky and it dont come out. Ruined my darks, and also it didnt clean any better than store bought soap. My clothes all smell musty after using. it seems like bleach

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  • Nellie's Laundry Soda, (magurk IL)

    Love this product!!!!!!!! I've been using for 3 or 4 years now. Would NEVER5 go back to regular detergent!

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  • Big Price Increase, (grhoot MT)

    The Nellie's we previously ordered was a 600 load tub for $59.95 and a plus was that we love Nellie's as a laundry soda. I wasn't paying attention and ordered this size looking at the price plus with shipping was $67 and change. So disappointed about this price increase and we won't be ordering Nellie's again from HSN. We will probably look for an alternative.

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  • Workhorse for the laundry!, (ZiggyEW IN)

    I purchased this for my son. He is a chef and must wear white uniforms. He said "mom this stuff is wonderful and I love it for my towels". I am going to order a bucket for myself!

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  • Works great a little goes a long way, (timscleanerair MI)

    Great soap

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