Naxa 140 Degree HD Car Dash Cam

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  • Better than I expected, (magicmama FL)

    I am purchasing a third dash cam. The quality of video is great. Everybody needs one for their vehicle.

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  • Dash cam, (Nikkie16 NC)

    My son is a delivery guy . So he keeps his cam on all the time

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  • Dash cam, (Nikkie16 NC)

    My husband love it with all going on in America with being stop by police its a little protection when u can record a traffic stop

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  • NAXA, (blchron PA)

    Good and great camera.

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  • Great dash cam, (AnaP5 MA)

    It took a little bit to figure out that the record button is also the button you press to choose your selections on the menu. It only takes a 32 gig card or less. The camera works great.

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  • Looks used, (jaxsmommy TN)

    I don't recall this being labeled as an "AS IS" item. It is scratched up and the from was lifted up. It doesn't seem to be chargingand it won't stay on. I'll try to give it a full charge. It reminds me of something sold in the 90's. If it does work eventually, I'm probably still retuning it because it is scratched and the screen looks like it wants to go out on one side. I read the reviews before purchasing and should have known better.

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  • Not worth it sim card not there !, (Stormy1935 MA)

    Junk but get what you pay for

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  • Unable to use, (olovely5211922 IL)

    I purchased this camera and have yet to get it to work. its been in the box collecting dust.

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  • Terrible, (TheRealMrsKitty PA)

    Since we cant say that we have to pay for return shipping on items that dont work, they want us to lie?Dont buy it,

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  • Dash Cam, (faithfull27 FL)

    Received a used dash cam, its terrible. Not what I expected

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  • Never worked. Arrived broken. , (kiwibaby FL)

    Unfortunately, I ended up getting bad sick just after this arrived & only recently managed to take it out of the box and place in my car. I plugged it in & turned it on. When I looked at the screen it had a huge black blob covering about 80% of it. I could tell it was on & showing portions of what was in view. After looking more closely, I could see the inside screen was cracked. Normally I'd return. Unfortunately, it's been too long. All it did was arrive and sit unopened on the shelf.

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  • No light!, (ann339 TX)

    I was very impressed when it arrived for a day, I could see everything then everything went dark, I cant see anything, how can HSN allow this product to be solved without testing the product because mine went dark in a day!

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  • Naxa nothin', (oldad AZ)


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  • Disappointed in Indiana , (19535 IN)

    Never worked, looked used, very disappointed.

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