National Park Foundation Travel Scope 60 w/Backpack

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  • NPF Travel Scope 60 Nice Price + Quality, (Kahneechwa CO)

    For an inexpensive Telescope the Lense Quality is impressive, the overall quality is impressive! The tripod seems very lightweight but it is in fact quite sturdy! With the lowest power lens, I was able to see the building on our mountain which is approximately 40 miles as the crow flies!The diagonal and eyepiece make viewing much more accessible! Not to mention the Barlow lens and the moon filter,etc.. Excellent Scope for a Perfect Price! Just what I expected from Celestron and the NPF!

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  • Buyer Beware!, (Pizzaluvr MO)

    So I ordered this when it was first offered. So there were no reviews. Big mistake! Wish I had thought about checking on YouTube for reviews because I would never have even bothered. They were all bad. Like another reviewer stated it has been a pain trying to return. It did not come with their usual return label. I sent it back on Dec 11. After several calls it cannot be found and have never received a refund. So I'm out the price plus the shipping I paid. I will no longer be ordering from HSN!!

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  • Very disappointed , (foster4101 IL)

    I purchased this telescope for my husband for Christmas. We decided to return it. I have NEVER had a problem with returning somethingto HSN. However, this has been a lot of work and no resolution. First, HSN did not include an easy return label. I called & they said theyd send one. They didnt. I called again and this time they said I had to send it at my own expense at the post office or UPS. Overall horrible experience & now Im out almost $100. Do not trust they will take returns.

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  • Got Ripped Off, (DRROBERT66 NJ)

    I am sure this review won't be allowed to be viewed because it tells the truth. I bought this product for my friends kids. It is the Celestron 60. I paid $85.00I am watching HSN now and they are selling the Celestron 70 for $69.99. Thanks for the heads up. You lost a long time customer.

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