NassifMD® Supersize Deco-Lift Neck Firming Serum Auto-Ship®

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  • Thrilled with this product!, (darling21 KS)

    I started using this on the March 23 today is March 29 and I already see noticeable improvement! I am thrilled with this product.

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  • Great product!, (ronross IL)

    So glad I watched the Doctors video. I love this product its non greasy and I see a great result in a very short time.

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  • rolls and balls under makeup, (Spapro622 ID)

    This product works on the jowl area ;however, it is difficult to use with makeup. The areas where this product is applied causes the makeup to roll and ball off your face. Not such a good look. I suggest going makeup free or only use during the evening when no makeup will be applied.

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  • A Wonder Product, (KABALLAH AL)

    I have been using this Deco-Lift for Months. It really makes my neck firmer and younger. It is not greasy at all. Have this on Auto-Delivery. Never stop making this. Ladies You need to buy this, You will Love it as much as I do. Thank You Dr. Nassif Md, You are a First Class Doctor. Would Love to talk to You on the Air at HSN. Love all Your Products, Thank You, Sarah

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  • Great Product, (Cochranville PA)

    This neck lifting serum is a great product. I noticed the difference the very first time I used it. I will purchase this again.

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  • Ok results, (Elanfi CA)

    It was a nice creme, but it didnt give the results promised. I applied the creme up into my jawline & it gave me milia, possibly too heavy for my skin type. The jar is not a good container for the product. Perhaps a tube would be better?

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  • Cannot handle the smell, (MDWI WI)

    Just used it for the 1st time today - had to wash off my neck and hands. I don't know if this is normal - but it smelled like dead fish. Returning because I cannot tolerate the smell. Going to continue with Prai neck products. Otherwise, I really like the other Nassif products that I have been using for years.

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  • Nothing major , (WYSSEM AZ)

    Lots of hype and hope no major results after more than 6 months use. Always the same stories beauty products that dony deliver

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  • This works!, (islandjoy SC)

    I have used NassifMD every since he was on HSN.So when the neck cream was offered i thought i would try this also.My neck was sagging and i was told i needed a face lift to correct.I now can see a big difference and will put the surgery off I am on auto ship.Thank-you Dr.Nasssif,so pleased to see you smile and happy!

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  • Neck firming serum, (Marie6258 IL)

    I am impressed with this serum. I have been using for about one week and I believe I am seeing good results. I will continue to use this serum.

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  • Great , (7lucky7 AZ)

    So glad I purchased on auto ship. Great product that provides great results for me. Absorbs quickly and improves my neck and decllote. Has a very light, fresh scent.

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  • Had to give it a chance, (summer444 CA)

    Really had to give this a chance. It was moisturizing, but didnt get below the surface of my neck. Canceled the auto-ship.

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  • Burnt my skin , (BrandyRed TX)

    I wanted to love this maybe Im to sensitive bc it blistered me all over my neck. Im red head freckles so Im really sensitive.

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  • This works for me!, (Mrlyn AZ)

    I just reordered this product because I feel it really works...I'm in my 70s and don't expect miracles from skin care products but I do see a difference with this one.Tightness of my neck and better chin definition. I don't have declate wrinkles, so I can't speak to how it works for that problem..but I'm pleased & will continue reordering.

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  • No difference, (tink24 NC)

    Ive been using this for 10 weeks in the morning and the evening and noticed no difference. I dont like the fact that it does not soak in to your skin but lays on the top and flakes off.

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