NassifMD Hydro-Screen Advanced Technology Serum 1 oz. 2-Pack

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  • Never Received the product, (misspoohbear AR)

    This product was never received

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  • not a good buy!, (Kiana6 PA)

    doesn't do what it says. Maybe I didn't use it long enough. I used it about a month, should have seen results by then

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  • IJewelry, (Masoncookie1 IL)

    Make sure you use right away. I waited to use. When I did use I had an undesirable reaction, little bitty bumps and redness. I waited to late to return and missed the return date. I now have a product I can't use. I would recommend to a friend, maybe they will have satisfying results.

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  • Makes my facial skin very dry, (irisheyes CA)

    I have used Dr. Nassifs hydrating serum for a long time and it works nice, I decided to try his serum with retinol. Big mistake. In just one week of using the serum w/retinol, my skin looks and feels dry!! Im going back to his hydrating serum.

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  • Not what I thought, (Rlan52 NY)

    I was expecting something that went on and dried. However, this product is too oily for me.

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  • Dramatic changes , (Roxie722 TX)

    I used this product and within days started seeing dramatic changes to my skin. My skin began to droop. Crepey skin began to appear. I stopped and went back to my previous skin care routine and my skin has recovered.

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  • Im not sure yet? , (Vee7-7- OH)

    First time trying & when opening it smells like pinesol cleaner. Hmm? I am trying it to see if it makes a difference. Im in my 40s and have. really smooth beautiful skin. I tried this because Id like to keep my skin beautiful & healthy.

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  • Wanted to love it, (Shell067 NY)

    Im not picky and Ive tried many high quality skincare items.. very oily and smell was weird. Not sure how others use this.. maybe its me ? The detox pads are great!

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  • NOT GOOD, (pinkladi TX)

    this stuff made me break out like a teenager. I am 65 and never expeced this at all. I use the pads without any problem but this stuff did not work for me. I stopped using it and the zits cleared up immediately. If you are sensitive, maybe you should think twice. I do have sensitive skin.

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  • very oily, (gloria777 NY)

    returned ...very greasy and my skin was sensitive to it

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  • Nothing is gonna change old, (KINICHI FL)

    Ive been using this faithfully for a month with no change. Ive come to realize that at the age of 70 nothing is going to change my skin.

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  • Is it a face oil or a serum???????? , (booinpa PA)

    This is supposed to be a serum but it is more like an oil and i was told to use this after all my creams. And disregard my face oils. NO!Dr. Nassif, Either make a face oil or make a serum. In the meantime, I am going back to my face oils. Early Harvest with Korres is my favorite and NONGREASY

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  • Greasy and messy, (bialysmom NY)

    I am so disappointed with this I saw no effect and it went all over the sin, floor, very messy. Definitely returning.

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  • Made my face break out terribly., (rEENIE728 AZ)

    I am a senior lady. I was so much looking forward to using this serum. Right now I am nursing 5 large pimples on my face. I don't ever break out with any other creams or serums.Sending back.

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  • Caution, (Suzie6259 NY)

    I purchased this about two weeks ago. I am 63 and have very dry skin. Needless to say, I couldnt wait to try this. After about 5 days using it, twice a day, I developed red bumps on my neck. My upper lip also developed red bumps and my upper lip became very chapped. I guess I had an allergic reaction to it. I returned it, No one, in any of the reviews I read, had this reaction.

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