NassifMD Hydro-Screen Advanced Technology Serum 1 oz. 2-Pack

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  • It arrived leaking, (NCOLO CO)

    I have lost some product, it was leaking in the package. At this price I dont want to lose any , I may have to ship it back.

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  • Horrible Product, (Tessa24 PA)

    Made my skin calloused

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  • Waste, (Sox55 MI)

    Very disappointed. Have seen no difference in my skin. Don't waste your money.

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  • Very Disappointing, (sunshine9876 FL)

    I can not understand all the raves about this product. I found no results other than my pores became enlarged. The product does not sink into the skin it just sits on top. I have dry skin and was hoping for the best. I do like other Nassif products but this was not one of them. Returning.

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  • too oily, (bedspread7 CO)

    just felt to greasy for me.....

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  • Zero results, (Linweyer SC)

    This serum has done nothing for my skin! Did not plump anything or diminish any fine lines! The dropper is terrible, you lose a lot of the serum! I was very excited about this but after more than 2 weeks, with no visible results, its going back.

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  • Should Have Known Better, (3366 FL)

    Every M.D. product that I have ever purchased DOES NOT WORK ! This one is no different and will be my last.It did absolutely nothing for the skin on my face or hands, as claimed ! I am definitely returning. Only giving one star so I can submit this review.

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  • Beware!, (buffy379 OK)

    Strongly encourage to look up these ingredients. ..!! There are very few actives. Plus and most important first lines of stuff, are silicone based. This is why it's so thick. Silicone on skin can hold moisture on skin, BUT also holds any bacteria, grime, unclean pores underneath the silicones.Skin becomes congested, Wrinkles look worse, as they are trapped underneath this glob. Dr Nassif you know better, guess you think we are not going to research. Ironic many Dr lines Worst Offenders!!!

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  • really oily , (buck29 CA)

    too oily, problem with absorption on my skin, very pricey.

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  • Smell strong, (auzi FL)

    Strong odor

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  • No Difference in Skin!, (nancita13 LA)

    At first application it absorbed immediately without any rubbing. But as far as making a difference in my skin,I have used it for almost 30 days and nothing happened.It takes a few minutes to be absorbed now. I am 69 years old with just a few wrinkles and these were not softened at all. I use a over the counter moisturizer that begins with a C, that works just fine.DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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  • The End , (popeye1950 LA)

    Too old , to late no matter how many Ive tried l still have my turkey neck and crows feet !!!!!!

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  • Very oily, (Chard01 PA)

    Returned since product did not blend into skin. It felt like a layer of oil sitting on top of face. Did not see any difference in fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Too Greasy, (Jaxs49 FL)

    Did not like this oil, too greasy.

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  • Did Not Deliver, (Potto FL)

    Sadly, this product did nothing positive for my mature skin. At first I used it by itself to see what it would do, but I found it too drying. Then when I tried to use any moisturizer over it to try to alleviate the problem, my face would burn. The combination of this product with my previously-used moisturizers obviously didn't work. Returned.

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