NassifMD Hydro-Screen Advanced Technology Serum 1 oz. 2-Pack

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  • Too Greasy, (Jaxs49 FL)

    Did not like this oil, too greasy.

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  • Did Not Deliver, (Potto FL)

    Sadly, this product did nothing positive for my mature skin. At first I used it by itself to see what it would do, but I found it too drying. Then when I tried to use any moisturizer over it to try to alleviate the problem, my face would burn. The combination of this product with my previously-used moisturizers obviously didn't work. Returned.

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  • Broke me out, (Jamaican424 FL)

    Sorry tried wanted to like but we both broke ou from it

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  • Its oil!!!, (toni33 CT)

    I was disappointed when I opened this product. Its oil! I hate anything that is oily on my skin, so Im sending it back. No, thanks!!

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  • Oops!, (KarenKD CA)

    I had so wanted this to be perfect. It was anything but. A rash all over my face the next morning convinced me we weren't going to be friends.That's just my experience - hope it works for everyone else.

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  • not a fan, (sparkle888 HI)

    the item was damaged. the glass dropper was cracked in many pieces. I sent it back in November with the easy return label. It's still not delivered to HSN, but I received an notice that said I would be charged the item again as it was not received. I called and was assured that billing would be notified that it's enroute. But I received a mailed letter saying if not received in so many days, then they will charge me again......can't billing check where it is in the mail process with their own return label? I've tried to resolve 3 times on this one item.was a loyal customer, not at this time. too bad, this could have been a good product.

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  • I expected more from this product, (Micky3 WI)

    I tried this product for 3 weeks and saw absolutely no change from this serum was greatly disappointed. Even though this serum felt great on my face it was not hydrating at all would definitely not recommend nor will I reorder

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  • a lot of hype, (junglejaine TX)

    I used it faithfully till time to send back and nothing.

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  • Disappointing!, (blondie766 NJ)

    I was so excited to try this serum after watching the presentation. But alas...."no go"! I understand that a little goes a long way, and you just need 2 drops...but getting two drops alone was impossible. It leaked out from the dropper and from the top of bottle and was quite a mess! I was excited to see the immediate plumping and hydrating of skin....absolutely nothing! Yes it was oily, but quickly soaked in as promised. But the real promise never happened!!!! It too goes back along with Nurse Jamie's little tool!!!

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  • Strong smell , (dah636 CA)

    Thought with such rave reviews it was worth a shot. I could only get thew 7 days twice a day. I just could not take the heavy scent this product has, by the last day I thought I was going to barf. Maybe my trial was not long enough but, I did not see any difference in my skin.

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  • Not Sure, (roper9014 FL)

    For the 2nd time I received the wrong item. Checking the label I see the product has been mislabeled. Wish I an opinion I could share, but the item I received is being returned for the 2nd time. Will not re-order.

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  • Not impressed, (Sherley1 IN)

    I've just finished using the whole bottle and have seen no results. Was greasy, could not touch anything after applying, would leave a grease mark.

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  • Terrible reaction , (maui05 HI)

    I purchased one of Nassif MD daytime serum and thought I'd give the hydro-screen a try. I used it morning and night for about 4 days and broke out in a rash. I could cover the rash with a concealer, however, it started to welt and the skin dried in patches. I almost felt that it was like a bad sunburn. I'm not sure what ingredient caused my allergic reaction but be careful if you have sensitive skin. I'm really sad that I will not be able to use it and have the great results like the other reviewers.

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