NassifMD Hydro-Screen Advanced Technology Serum 1 oz. 2-Pack

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  • hydrating serum, (lovingit5 OH)

    I use morning and night. I have stopped using any other moisturizers. They cannot complete. Definitely get auto ship for this product. Do you not want to be without it.

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  • Hydro-screen Hydrating Serum, (Scutter4 CA)

    This is so light and smooth on my skin. It has a Spa kinda smell and feels so soft. A little goes a long way.

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  • NassifMD-Hydro-screen, (Makaleka9 OH)

    Have used this product for the past year and love it! Ive noticed a difference in my skins texture. My post college daughter now uses and loves this product!

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  • Love this product , (Sonjas1 AL)

    Been using this for about 2 years now I see a difference in my skin and appearance I get a lot of compliments asking where is fountain of youth I tell them dr.nassif will order again never want to b without

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  • This should last me a while!, (Sunflower_Girl MD)

    I got this on a very good deal. The extra large size of the container should mean it will last me a long while to use up. I plan to use a funnel to pour it into my smaller Serious Skin Care face serum container.

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  • HYDRO-SCREEN! Bear ever!, (Clairebear4 PA)

    Im an avid swimmer year round, and I swim indoors in the winter. This is the first product that has moisturized me after a swim, all night and into the next day! Recommend for outdoor athletes, swimmers and if you just want to feel great!!

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  • love love love, (9blessed- CT)


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  • Hydro-Screen amazing, (HappyTappy4 PA)

    I didn't realize how dry my skin was until I used Hydro-Screen. My skin feels instantly hydrated. Texture has improved drastically. Makeup goes on and stays on flawlessly. Wrinkles have diminished. Looking forward to benefits of extended use. Excellent product.

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  • Wonderful, (Cindy651 MS)

    I didnt Think I would like this. I thought it would be oily and leave my fave oily, but it is not. It makes my skin feel very healthy and I can put my make up on right on top of it.

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  • Second Try-AMAZING, (Kenton201 AZ)

    I had this product before and didn't give it a chance. Bought a second time -- used it sparingly (I have oily t-zone). I was shocked after a few days to see my nose to mouth lines softening. Suggest you don't use too much to start AND give it time to sink into skin. WOW-LOVE IT!!

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  • Skin feels so smooth, (Joybear221 TX)

    The product leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Ive been using in my hands as well to get that soft feeling.

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  • NassifMD Hydrating Serum, (MICAT1 MI)

    My face feels like a baby's cheek. I can't believe the difference. Love this product

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  • Best stuff, (terri-bush CA)

    This is so amazing for my skin. My kids even use it. Its so silky soft.

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  • The Best, (MPNY NY)

    My 68 year old facial skin is very happy I purchased this. I am applying twice a day & saw & felt results after the first day. My skin remains dewy moist the entire day. The hydration has given my face a plumpness that I was lacking. I had noticeably dry, flakey, taut complexion before using Dr. Nassif's hydrating serum. Highly recommend this serum.

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  • Nassif MD Hydro-Screen Hydrating Serum-Deluxe Size, (Cedilla CA)

    I Bought this product for my daughter. Her skin was getting chaffed due to her mask while working as a nurse. I believe it will aleviate and Hydrate her face during her 12 hour shift.

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