NassifMD® 60-count Body Detox Pads

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  • Love , (angie0215 CT)

    I sometimes use two of the smaller ones on my face, neck & decollate so these big ones are great. Just wish it would go down in price a little.

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  • Big, (Annie2659 CO)

    I really like these pads but who has a drawer that size. The smaller ones are a perfect size for the purpose and it seems these waste product. Maybe they are meant for purposes other than the face

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  • OK, (57angel NY)

    I've used the product a few times....seems ok but the pads roll up as you use them, so it's kinda difficult to use on body. Also, they're just damp, not like another brand I previously used. They should have the product sealed to keep it more moist.

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  • Very Satisfied, (11024 OH)

    I have bought so many products and was so disappointed. I must say with these detox pads I am so satisfied. THEY REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE..

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  • Great product, (catomi MO)

    These pads are great, loaded with good stuff! I just cut the large ones in half, get more for the money, keep them in different rooms so they are always handy

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  • At First Use, (bootsagain2 CA)

    I use the Face Pads and so far the Body Pads seem good. Too early to tell if I will continue with Auto Ship.I rarely recommend personal care items. People's needs are individuallytoo different.

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  • Excellent - Customer Request TRIO TSV, (BEVERLY1 FL)

    I use this product from tip to toe!!!!!excellent - please bring in a TSV TRIO--and make available on auto deliveryTHANKS

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  • Body Detox Pads, (ily3 FL)

    I have not used these pads yet but I know I will love it because I use the smaller pads. These are just larger. Took advantage of the sale price. Love the way it leaves my skin nice and clean and refreshed without irritation.

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  • Love them!!!!, (tay35 NV)

    Love them, love him

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  • Love This...but, (MKay2012 TX)

    Not sure why, but the Body Detox is always too DRY. The face pads are fine, but the Body is ALWAYS TOO DRIED Out. Dr. Nassif...FIX THIS!

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  • Detox Beauty, (sherry218 MD)

    Wonderfu, really works.

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  • One Word... AMAZING!!, (Terri_from_VA VA)

    I used one of these pads the night that I received them. The next day in the mirror there was an VERY NOTICEABLE difference in the clarity of my skin. It looked so much brighter and less congested. It had a natural lit from within glow. I immediately, ordered another duo while they were on sale. This is definitely a desert island product, I will not be without it. I will stock up every time its on sale. And I cant wait to see the duo offered on AutoShip.

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  • Fantastic Product, (Anne55inMichigan MI)

    I absolutely love these pads....and was pleasantly surprised to see the body-sized ones being offered. The price is crazy-good affordable for such a quality product. I will be stocking up!

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  • Love This Product!, (loro FL)

    I use the facial pads every day and stretched them out to my arms. When the body pads introduced, I was elated! These little wonders are all I need to exfoliate and smooth my skin. One pad works for every area I want to tone. I will always have them on auto delivery!

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  • Love, love, love, (mamavm NY)

    I cant imagine doing without these detox pads now. My skin is clean, fresh, not dry, and in great shape now. And I experienced the same results that the hosts described: I wash my makeup off with cleanser or soap & water every evening and thought my skin was clean and ready for moisturizer. But after cleansing I use a detox pads and get much more dirt and makeup off. And my skin feels a tad moisturized afterward. This is the only item I have EVER put on auto ship.

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