Nakery Beauty Pressed Body Oil 3-piece Collection

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  • Body oil, (KCK7 NM)

    Havent used them yet, but they seem like they will work for keeping skin hydrated.

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  • Nakery Pressed body oil, (treas0320 AL)

    I love this! You would think that it would be very oily but it is not. It doesn't have a strong scent.

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  • I am stocked up! , (lauj IA)

    This press body oil is the best! I won't be without it EVER. A little goes a long way. I put this on my neck and body. Love the way it feels, love the way it smells... I just love the product!

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  • Love , (JillRJ CA)

    This is my everyday moisturizer now. They smell amazing and I love having multiple scents to choose from. My skin feels soft and hydrated all day. I would love having all of the scents in one bundle to purchase.

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  • Wonderful!, (Windsor5 WA)

    This will be my go to from now on for moisurizing with a light lovely scent!Nakery goes on smooth as silk.I use it on my arms and legs,and it has revived them from being so chaffed and itchy from the long NW winter.It has nourishing oils in it,which you can see but it is not "oily" on your skin once you rub it in.It just softly absorbs.I ordered Rose' and am requesting other scents for mothers day and my birthday,which are coming up shortly.LOVE IT!!

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  • Love Nakery, (tdm0125 PA)

    Love this product, so smooth and creamy and easy to put on. Nice scent too.

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  • Nakery Rose and Romance Body Butter, (Vivi53 GA)

    Great product. My skin has never felt this soft. My heels, elbows, legs and arms look fantastic. I have stocked up on this cream so I wont run out anytime soon. The smell of rose and romance is nice. For me its the most amazing product I have ever used.

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  • Love this line, (Peggy905 PA)

    This is an amazing product, very happy with this line. Keep the great items coming.

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  • Fabulous, (xtine2 NY)

    This amazingly scented oil just melts into my skin and leaves it looking healthy and feeling soooo smooth! Try it everywhere. It is not greasy or sticky - you will love it!

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  • Ok, (Pae_1125 MO)

    This is exactly what I needed for my winter dry skin it's a wonderful scent and feels luxurious and beautiful packaged

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  • Love this!, (mia2421 PA)

    I was a little skeptical because these oil balms can be very greasy. This for me is a huge winner! You dont need a lot and it absorbs quickly. Your skin stays moisturized for a really long time. I got it on sale and wish I would have bought several more! The smell is very pretty but faint so its not overwhelming.

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  • Great but just a tiny bit, (Hut123 SC)

    If you think this is greasy it's because you use too much. All it takes is a very tiny dab to put on the back of your hand and you can rub it all the way up your arm. Your skin glows and is moisturized and not greasy at all. The first time I used it I used too much. Less is definitely more with this product. This jar will last a long time. The scent is super light won't interfere with anything else.

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  • New oil love!, (jellyroll4 LA)

    I am very much an oil fan and I don't understand the negative reviews on this one. It is pleasant and moisturizing for my very dry skin. It's not greasy. If it is you are using too much. Put it in the fridge and just lightly run your fingers over the top. It is beautiful. I bought Rose & Romance.

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  • Beautiful feel, (DMNY NY)

    This feels like 60% oil, 40% clean Vaseline. I have tried the Social Butterfly and the Rose and Romance, and both smell great.

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  • Nice sheen, (ElsieNJ NJ)

    I really did not want to like this product but the sheen and softness of the skin are indeed amazing. I do note that I keep my home around 74 degrees F and that is too warm for this product not to melt. Keep it cool and the consistency will stay like a melt, otherwise it is an oil. I would still definitely recommend.

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