Nakery Beauty Firming Décolleté Serum

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  • Perfume smell overpowering. , (judymc MA)

    I never understand why companies that make a product that target certain areas have to have a perfume smell. If people want that they can buy a perfume separately. Since the smell is overpowering and I am sensitive to fragrances I am returning this.

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  • Nope, (Twinkle494 MO)

    This product is extremely drying on my skin. Immediate results should not be used when advertising or selling a product.

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  • Sent it back, (rbrtat CA)

    I was looking forward to receiving this but had a terrible time trying to take the outer packaging off the bottle. It was very difficult to get it off and once I did, the top was very loose, came right off, and there was no way to close it up and keep the ingredients fresh and from spilling. The dropper wasnt working and made it difficult to use the product. Very disappointed but I returned it.

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  • Never delivered, (evesmom MD)

    Post office said the third party deliverer never sent the product .....three items that went thru same place in New Jersey, were never delivered any further than them. waited 6 weeks before contacting HSN and local post office. BEWARE

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  • Dissapointed, (cinders99 NY)

    Did not see any difference. Just very dry skin .

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  • Not as said, (bella55555 NY)

    Did not like

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  • oh no, (DPT_L698 GA)

    It broke me out! I think that says it all. It's going back!

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  • Strong Floral Odor , (lutapa PA)

    Just could not get past odor.

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  • Little difference, (meeshell8467 CA)

    Sorry but I did not notice a difference in my chest lined after sleeping. Learning to sleep on my back proves to be better results and cheaper. Returned.

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  • Disappointing First Purchase, (SunnyD123 GA)

    Way to much fragrance that gave me a headache. Serum feels nice but I did not see any noticeable difference. I wish the presenters would mention if an item is fragranced or not because I end up having to pay return shipping when an item gives me a headache due to fragrance.

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  • Fail, (Ladyhawke2 NY)

    Made my chest break out with large bumps. My chest never breaks out. Just didn't work for me. Sadly returned. Bought the other products. Hopefully they will be ok.

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  • Strong Fragrance, (Narrow2185 SC)

    I was excited to try this. 1st night put on before bed and fragrance was very strong and gave me a headache. Had to wash it off. Cancelled the extended delivery order for the body serum...probably same fragrance. Sadly I have to return.

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