Mr. Christmas Multifunction LED Folding Forest 3-piece Set

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  • Two Time Loser, (Sissy59907 CA)

    I ordered these trees and when I received them, only two of them would light up. I exchanged them for a new set and they worked for one week and then would no longer light up. I am returning them because this is obviously a poorly made product.

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  • GOING BACK, (Patty03063 FL)

    Everyday, lights somewhere on these trees stop working! Every night I have to go outside to stop the horrible flashing and not with the useless remote! Out in the yard I go to use the switch on the trees! Here in FL, there could be a snake learning around. Wanted to be able to change the lights from inside the house which is only 4 ft away from the trees. Pretty but not worth the hassle and wish all the lights worked!

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    I was excited to get these trees for our front lawn.Well the remote did not work and we hate the fast blinking,we could not change it unless we went outside to hit the button.The button stopped working to.The tree keeps going on ok but it starts the cycle all over instead of staying on where we left it when the button worked one time I emailed Mr Christmas a month ago asking for a new remote and no answer,they do not have a phone number for customer service.The trees are going back to HSN.

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  • Mr. christmas , (Jacobjudy OH)

    The middle Christmas tree does not light.

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  • Defective item, (rachmaninofffan PA)

    I bought the tree version of these in July and kept them in the original box until 2 days ago. When I set them up I found: 1) The little tree does not work, 2) the metal piece that holds the star was rusted in the other two trees. The two trees that light up do look very pretty. But it is sad that the third does not work. I called HSN and, although they are taking it back, there seems to be no way of requesting a UPS pickup. I won't purchase large items from HSN again.

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  • Folding Ornaments , (mishmash3 VA)

    Put this decoration up a little over a week ago and now 2 of tge ornaments aren't lit. Returning for refund.

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  • Awful, disappointing product, (missellie8 CA)

    I bought this months ago in anticipation of putting it up at Christmas. The tall trees star was broken, the remote didn't work and it was annoying to my neighbors because I couldn't dim the lights or slow the blinking down. A waste of money. I love Mr Christmas products and have at least 20 of them, but this one was a bust. I'm sending it back right after the holidays.

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  • Awful!, (maggiemasonlaci GA)

    I bought this set last December and just brought it out this December 2022. One side of the lights dont work. It is cheap and flimsy. I wasted $195.00. Just a piece of junk!

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  • Very disappointed , (bear221951 VA)

    I order this in July and put it up on 11-25 . The remote didnt work, so I called HSN and was told that I could send it back. I really like the lights on the ornament but I dont like going outside to turn on lights. I emailed MR Christmas five without a response

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  • Very disappointed, (Newshoegirl MI)

    Bought in July. Just opened and put on lawn. Smallest tree doesnt light up at all. Remote doesnt work. And overall, not worth the money

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  • Flimsy, Cheaply Made, Overpriced, (mommaseta FL)

    Im a fan of Mr. Christmas, so I trusted Id love this product. Indoors its pretty, but I wished the colors were deeper. They are more of a neon. My main disappointment, though, is how flimsy they are in the yard. You have to use zip ties to hold the folds up, which is fine. Except they still lean instead of stand upright with the zip ties. They are so light that a strong gust of wind will blow these down. I am disappointed these cost $130. I trusted the brand, which is why I paid. Big Mistake!

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  • Didn't work right out of the box, (Busdriverbill PA)

    it would of be nice, buy put it out of the box and one of the balls only half light up. its sounds like a lot of people have the same problem.

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  • Defective , (Silver247 GA)

    I was so excited to get this. I decided to get it out and see what it could look like in and outside the house. The largest bulb would not light up. The other two were fine. I was very disappointed. Returned.

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  • Disappointed in Product Quality from Mr. Christmas, (MyPoopsie FL)

    I was so excited to receive this purchase and using it in my outdoor decor, but only the smallest piece was fully lit. Another piece was only partially lit and the third the bulbs looked like they were almost burnt out. Unfortunately, not a quality product.

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  • RETURNED, (Casey1106 WA)

    The box was too flimsy to ship such a large item. There were several small pieces in the bottom of the box that had come out of a zip lock bag. I returned it, but should have known - "Made in China." Buyer beware!

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