Mr. Christmas Multifunction LED Folding Forest 3-piece Set

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  • Pretty but 23 zip ties! Really?, (Anonymous FL)

    After 45 minutes of cutting 23 zip ties the ornaments are pretty. Overkill on the ties and they are so tight and close to the lights that its hard to get the scissors through. Must have patience.

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  • Pretty Decoration, (GrannyPat25 TX)

    I like the 3 piece tree decoration. It is pretty and colorful, has lots of options and was easy to set up. I like all of the selections/combinations of lights and colors. I wish it had the capability to "remember" the light selection you choose, instead of me having to reset it every day when my timer turns the set of trees on.

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  • Nice, (Anonymous FL)

    Very nice, but I wish they stayed on the function set to and I didnt have to go out each night and re-set to steady, multi function. Price is a little too high too

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  • Nice, (cmofsocal CA)

    Exactly as presented. However, 4 star, disappointed multifunction did not have timer. EZ set up and excited Ez to store.

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  • Beautiful but..., (Anonymous OH)

    I ordered the tree version this summer and just removed it from the box 2 weeks ago. The piece is pretty flimsy and there were 2 broken off string stabilizer rings right out the box. I spent about a half hour putting them together and getting them in place. The remote works only when I'm about a foot away from the receiver... so, that's not convenient. But, at night I am really pleased with how pretty it is in front of our house. Love being able to change lights colors and options and intensity.

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  • Pretty but not all of the lights work, (Christy7310 AR)

    Super excited to get these trees. Theyre really pretty and the lights that do work are very bright. Some of the lights do not come on though. That is Disappointing.

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  • Nice, but too delicate for outdoors!, (Nursie_nurse CA)

    I really loved these trees, until I realized how delicate they are. Set up was easy, love all the different light functions! My issue is they are not very sturdy! I first noticed one strand had come disconnected when my remote stopped working. About a week later one whole tree wasnt lit, and found that several of the strands on it were disconnected. I guess because of the windy days we had during a couple of rainy days. This item is definitely NOT for outdoors! Too large to send back! Oh well

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  • Bah Hum Bug!!!, (Borntoshop59 ME)

    Purchased this tree 6 months to a year ago. Used it for the first time this year. Remote didnt work. Placed it outside, and it worked until we had wet weather. It is supposed to be rain tight, about 3 days. Part of it stayed lit when we pressed the button that controls the different modes. Brought inside to see if it would work inside. No such luck! Extremely Disappointed.

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  • Nice frame, mechanics not so much! , (tommyh7 WI)

    Came with no remote or hardware! Got on sale, prob a return! Had to use my own zip ties to assemble. Then after two weeks water in the controller and burnt it out. Huge waste of money. Will try to rewire with my own lights next year! They should sell these for $40 just for the frames to put your own lights on!

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  • Sad, (pachie CA)

    Was so excited for these to work waited almost six months to put these up and only two work now they were all working now only two and a half work these should be tested before sold so sad

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  • elecrtronic programs messed up., (all4me85 CA)

    Looks pretty but, each time trees go on the program defaults to the one where everything is going on. Too crazy. If it were not so heavy, I would have sent it back. Terrible with such a pricey large unit there was not quality control.terrible with such a large unit there was not better quality control.

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  • One tree didn't light up, (AlmaRR TX)

    Beautiful but the smallest tree wouldn't light up. Very disappointed. It was easy to put together.

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  • Piece of junk, (katyogi IL)

    I order this in July. I took it out of the box Dec 6. I plugged it in and half the lights worked. I called HSN customer service to get a return invoice. I never received and called back. Dec 27 and Jan 18 abd 20. Told I would get shipping cost reimbursed. Ups wanted $84 I called Hsn told they never said that I would get reimbursed. Still waiting. Expensive item to not get money back. I may not shop here anymore

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  • falling apart in one season, (doornob CA)

    I bought two sets of trees and one set of ornament. With in 2 weeks on of the trees died and no lights at all while after 5 days, two of the ornaments were not lighting completely. Don't waste your money.

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  • poor quality, (KMSMD TX)

    This folding forest was beautiful when it worked but that was only for about a week and then it would not light up again. Not sure what happened. Tried different extension cord but no luck. Did email Mr. Christmas but did not get any response. Will check with HSN as this was supposed to be returnable until 1/31/2022 due to it being a christmas item but no return slip available online.

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