Mr. Christmas Blow Mold Glitter Candles - Set of 2

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  • Cute, (Willow101 IA)

    Pricing is high, but they do look expensive. Same batteries all winter, but I do shut on/off manually after a couple of hours. Glad I bought them.

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  • Great find, (tender1234 TX)

    Great addition to my holiday decor. Loved the built in timer . These are lightweight yet made nicely . I need more for next year

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  • Love them , (Lugocastro85 TX)

    I love these because of Chamberstick candle holder. Looks vintage. I can do without the greenery. I remove the greenery to look more vintage. I use Amazon batteries and theyve been on for about a month and a half. I do agree with others, saying it is hard to unscrew the screws.

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  • Stunning, (mickey222 SC)

    These candles are large, bold, brilliant. No assembly. Love these in Christmas & their Hallowwen themes. I have both. HSN has exceptional seasonal decor....the best!! Team HSN.

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  • Mr.Christmas 24 inch blow mold candle, (kaylierose IL)

    Very cute buffalo check pattern with greenery on the base. Timer a big convenience. Hate the 4 tiny screws holding the battery plate in. Absolutely no reason for it.

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  • Love!!!, (mausel WI)

    I purchased the red\green. I absolutely 'Love' them. They are 'Beautiful". I love anything vintage and they remind me of the old fashioned chambersticks. Thank you!!!

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  • Candle sticks, (Byrdie2 CA)

    They look nice, haven't used them yet. Will put by my stairs on my front porch. Can't wait!

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  • Love Blow mold, (STL1 IL)

    Got the red and green they look great love the greenery will look amazing at Christmas can't wait.

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  • The Twin Towers, (Tresha6 NJ)

    Because, I was so Impressed with last Years Tall, Bright Candles-that Can Be seen Easily-from a Distance-That, I purchased another Pair-this Year And, this Year-They added-Holly to the Base

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  • Classic candle gorgeous , (Juejuebee IL)

    These are beautiful. Bought red and white. So much better then last year. These blow them away. Not that last year was bad, but the coloring at the top flame and the bottom piece makes it say to me buy more.

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  • Love Retro Christmas Decorations!, (Grana2 OH)

    Brings me back to my childhood simpler times! So fun and festive! Thanks Mr Christmas!!!

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  • Need to get rid of the screw bottom, (Anchorwatt PA)

    Nice candles with a nice look but the 4 screws on the bottom of the battery box are horrible. The screws were hard to undo and one screw on each candle was impossible to undo. I would not order again if they continue to use that method for the battery box. Totally unnecessary way to seal battery compartment. I have a previous set of these candles in white and they do not have four screws to open the battery compartment. Hope Mr. Christmas listens to thes complaints.

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  • too short for entranceway, (momadukes PA)

    Pretty, but too small. I still have to put batteries in and see if they work well.

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  • Pretty candles but , (Julie21234 CT)

    I ordered the red and black check to put on my fireplace but I had the hardest time getting the battery box open and the button to get the timer to work. I hope the batteries have a long life in these because of the difficulty in changing the batteries. I will put them on timer, will not run them all the time. But they do look nice on my fireplace which is what I ordered them for.

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  • Impossible to get battery compartment opened , (Birdie51 NC)

    I could kick myself - why did I buy these candles after reading one reviewer that stated it was nearly impossible to get the screws out to put the batteries in. That reviewer was spot on. The battery compartment has 4 screws and I could not unscrew one of them and I bought 2 sets of these candles. Fortunately, I did not open the other box so I sent it back return to sender so I wouldnt have to pay S&H!! Why oh why do these companies make a product with a batter compartment with 4 screws!

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