Motorola Moto G Stylus 6.8" FHD+ Tracfone with 1500 Min/Text/Data

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  • Unhappy, (lulee0109 CA)

    I love TracFone, but I hate this phone. Wish I had known how bad Motorola was before changing everything over. Would like to send it back, but have already gotten the minutes (which I didn't need).

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  • Good phone but, (Val755 IN)

    I ignored comments about not being able to receive texts with this phone, figuring that they probably would have fixed it. But no, I was unable to set up my apps because they sent me verification codes by text and which I couldn't get. I read about some diy 'fixes' online...they didn't work. I went online to Tracfone and within 15 minutes the rep had my phone up and running perfectly. The case that was piece of plastic with no apparent protection. Expect to order a new one.

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  • Too much phone for me, (Carolpchs FL)

    This has been the most difficult phone to transfer from an LG. I've had cell phone since 2008. Apple Android ect. This phone will not transfer even with the apps. Motorola was no help. And TracFone what happened to service. I asked a question and she said Are you done now? Just got it running a little mid January. Battery Doesn't last long and it takes a long time to charge. I would send it back but I be don't want to lose some texts and pics from passed loved ones. I still can't set a ringtone.

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  • Moto G Stylus 6.8", (G-NeeNee IL)

    I am not a fan of this cellphone. Purchased for large screen. While getting familiar w/apps I tried the Stylus in place of keyboard & do not like it. I have tried everything to turn this off but can't return to keyboard. Disable doesn't work! Uninstall doesn't work!! Not a fan!!!

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  • Best phone Ive owned, (jeepattack89 VT)

    This is by far the best mobile phone I have ever owned, dont the let the price fool you, it is as good or better then phones costing hundreds more. Takes outstanding clear pictures and the Tracfone service sets up quick and works perfectly. With everything HSN includes this is a fantastic deal. I plan on staying with Motorola.

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  • Your plan does not support mobile tethering, (tongl74 TN)

    I like that this phone has a lot more space (128 GB). It's a lot more than my LG Fiesta 2 TracFone had which had only 16 GB of space. Now I don't have to worry about running out of storage space for apps. But, however, unlike my LG Fiesta 2, you can not enable Wifi Hotspot to share your mobile data connection with other devices in your home for times when your home internet goes down.

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  • Out of This World Awesome!!, (Bunnie669 OK)

    I love this phone. The large screen will spoil you. It takes the best pictures ever! Coverage is incredible. Setup was super easy and quick.

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  • Big phone, (immyjay PA)

    I really am not a good person to do review on cell phones. I know very little about how they work etc. I know how to make/receive calls and take a picture. I just figured that if I was getting one that I may as well get one that seemed to be a pretty good one.

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    Easy to setup, easy use, large screen clear graphics, lots of memory, takes great pictures and at a reasonable price.

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  • Balky and Poor Volume, (soundenterprise IL)

    Touch screen only works intermittent ly and volume is very poor. I can only remotely hear the phone if placed on speaker mode. I ordered another Moto at the same time but had to return because of volume issues and erratic functioning. I am struggling along with this one but am not happy with it. Would recommend an alternate brand. Never had this trouble with Samsung's.

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  • Awesome , (nickboloski CA)

    This phone is fast. Lots of storage. Great camera. No problems with texting - updated all the system software including free upgrade to android 11 before activating the phone on TracFone. Activating took less than 5 minutes including transferring old phone number and unused minutes. Been buying TracFone phones from HSN past 8 years.

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  • MOTO MOTO, (maz5 NY)

    As always I have had good phone. Fast transfer and nice phone a little bigger then I really wanted but still a nice phone

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  • AWESOME !, (c-tuna FL)

    This is the 5th or 6th Tracfone I have owned. Each one is better than the last. Great camera, more speed, larger size and easier to transfer data from old phone to the new. I'm not much of a phone person so once a year when I need to renew I buy a new model. Have lots of minutes, texts, and data from carry overs. Works great for me.

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  • Beauty, (aadams01 NY)

    What a beautyunfortunately, I had to return my phone the following dayI called Tracfone cust. Servto assist me with connection.they confirmed that phone was defectivecalled HSN, immediately they mailed out a new phonewill give it another try

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  • Texts don't work., (benjaminbubb PA)

    This is a nice phone, however it doesn't have the Stylus pen like I thought it would. The screen is pretty clear; however, the service of the phone itself is poor. The texts do not work properly, on two phones of this model...can't receive texts unless I go through troubleshooting! Even then the text service doesn't fully set up correctly. Disappointed in this phone.

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