Miracle Noodle 6-pack Egg White Spaghetti Noodles Auto-Ship®

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  • A good pasta replacement, (colonel3 OH)

    I have slowly lost 20 lbs. over the past year by small changes...not deprivationI was so pleased when I tried this that I have now gone on auto-delivery. I have used it cold with tuna tartare.....and hot as in spaghetti. I wish to keep slowly losing more wgt. Small substitutions can make a difference.

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  • Great keto friendly pasta option, (life247 NY)

    Eating keto/low carb is not easy! This pasta is the best alternative I have tried to date! Its way better than the shirataki noodles.

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  • Best Noodle Alternative! , (CristenCVC10255 IL)

    I have tried many brands out there and these are by far the best! They check off all the boxes when looking for low-carb, dairy-free, and clean simple ingredients. They cater to most dietary restrictions/ preferences. For those like myself who bloat after eating pasta, this is the next best thing. The texture is light and feels just like noodles. There is no weird aftertaste like other grain-free pasta. Cooking them couldn't be easier, no need to boil water just add to a pan. Bloat & Guilt Free!

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  • A Game changer for healthy eating, (Alex179 FL)

    As someone passionate about healthy eating, I'm thrilled to discover the Miracle Noodle egg white noodles. These are a game-changer, a delicious alternative to traditional pasta. With 10g of protein and w/no dairy, grain, soy, and sugar, they're a guilt-free way to enjoy my favorite pasta dishes. The taste and texture are shockingly true to the real thing, providing a satisfying chew and perfectly soaking up sauces. I've used them in a few recipes, and they never disappoint. Highly recommended.

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  • Happy Protein to start or end day without carbs., (cmofsocal CA)

    Compared to the original, these are an improvement, especially with the liquid. So far, had the V noodles with farm fresh, cherry tomatoes,broccoli, carrots, organo, fresh garlic and tossed with Basil EVO. Stratifying and husband had seconds, which is a tell tail for all. I immediately reordered to have a supply. If you shop at nich organic markets, you will pay $3.95-6.98 for one. Simply try. Great for portion control and lifestyle changes. Thank you

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  • Not bad for the carb count, (MJonsey NJ)

    I would have liked the noodles firmer but they were better than I thought. I probably would like them better in soup rather than with a sauce. Not bad for an alternate but if they could find a way to make it firmer it would have been very good.

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  • Pretty good; not great, (Liliy202 FL)

    Consistency is good and good protein source but needs a lot of help with taste. But, in general, pretty good.

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  • You May Love Them!, (sara175 CA)

    I really try not to write negative reviews, because there may be many people that love the Egg White Spaghetti noodles. We don't like them because they are too soft, too squishy. I am going to try them in a noodle bowl recipe, but we don't eat those very often. People should not expect them to have any flavor except whatever you add to them. The concept is great and the fact they are healthier is a great idea, but we can't get past the squishiness. People should try them - they may love them.

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  • Too Soft, (meeshell8467 CA)

    I don't eat noodles due to the carbs but I miss them. When I eat noodles I like them Al Dente and these have the consistency of over boiled noodles. I will stick to my Hearts of palm until there is a lower carb noodle substitute available.. I gave it 2 stars for effort...

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  • I use another name., (DESERT GA)

    Couldn't find a noodle, guess that's why they call it a miracle, if you find one. Flavor not so good.

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  • Horrible!!!!!, (KathyK7 NJ)

    Going to make this short and bitter~~In all my 35 years, of shopping with HSN, this is the most disgusting item I ever purchased. It is like slime when I poured it into a bowl, odor is indescribable and fell apart . I feel the hosts do not tell the truth about products, especially food. Shame and into the garbage!!!

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  • Egg white strings, (fpmyaakov NY)

    The title says it all, no way is this pasta of any sort, it is literaly egg white in skinny string form

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  • Dont bother unless you like mush!, (Arlene63 TX)

    These come in angel Hair and Spaghetti. Angel Hair was supposed to be el dente but I ordered Spaghetti. It comes ready to eat in 3 oz pouches. It is the worst excuse for alternative pasta I have ever tasted! It is totally tasteless, has absolutely no texture and is completely mushy. I put it with burger, veggies and tomato sauce and that helped a little but not enough to ever purchase again!

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