Mighty Spark (35) 1 oz. Chicken Snack Sticks

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  • Lynneth, (Lynneth IN)

    Reading about the sticks I thought sounded good, boy was I wrong. I'm so sorry to say I got a drawer full of unlikable product that left a bad taste in my mouth and stomach. Maybe someone else will like it.

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  • Mighty Spark (35) Combo Chicken Snack Sticks, (carolina3 NC)

    Delicious! I am truly amazed at how they taste just like Slim Jims. While I like all the flavors, I like the original & Cranberry & Ginger flavors the best. I am on the WW Blue plan, and they are all one or two points each. Eat one of these and a fruit &/or vegetable, and you can have a healthy snack or meal. Great for all the family at a reasonable. I will be buying more.

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  • 32 not 35, (candyo1228 FL)

    My family really likes the product. In the past I have ordered the combo pack as well as individual flavors with a total of 4 different orders. One order I purchased the bbq sweet potato but received the honey jalapeo. And on the 3 orders for the individual flavor I received 32 not 35 sticks. I think they need to change the quantity amount if you are not going to receive that quantity. This is my last time I will purchase these because of the inconsistency.

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  • Mighty Spark Honey Jalapeno Sticks , (Aldrema NY)

    Simply delicious!

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  • Not good!, (Leniah VA)

    Bought this for my son, he hates them! I tried one but didn't care for the taste! Kinda stuck with them now he didn't let me know in time to return! Not cheap!

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  • handy snack, (suecm NY)

    nice to have such a tasty snack that is so easy to enjoy in it's convenient package

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  • Delish!, (MnShopper123 MN)

    I got the variety pack and I was surprised how good and large they are! There is not a bad flavor and not salty either! I will buy again

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  • Sandy Dandy, (dandysandy9 NY)

    I like the flavor. Its not too salty..which I really like. I purchased the variety selection an when I need a quick snack..its right at my finger tips...an a different flavor adds to my snacking.

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  • Delicious!, (WestV WV)

    Received shipment this past week and was amazed at how good these taste. Flavors are great and without the fat of most meat sticks. Perfect snack on the go.

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