Men's Elite 100 - 30 Packets

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  • LOVE IT!, (tjtrmr VA)

    It works! Love it!

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  • All natural and energy boosting, (Nan89130 NV)

    I bought the Men's Complete for my brother who works very hard, (12 hour days.) I thought he might like the convenience of all the capsules in one packet. He divides the packet and and takes caps through the day, even over two days and is very happy with the results. He appreciates the high level of vitamin B12 because it provides energy, is all natural and has no side effects. I had bought him other supplements but this is his favorite. Thank you so much, Andrew!

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  • Every man needs this daily, (jabaute NY)

    Have been taking this daily vitamin regularly for 5+ yrs and have not been sick. I take this with Andrew 's C+D daily, which I highly recommend for all guys. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

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  • Husband loves these., (lavender2 NV)

    Get these for my husband. I ordered the women's complete for myself. Such a great value for the dollar. Automatically updates any supplements that are needed or not needed. Great product.

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  • good, (revkar TX)

    get it it good and work two

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  • Great item, (cool25 NC)

    Feel great with these. Even my doctors are saying great pills.

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  • Men's Elite 100 vitamins, (sbonds53 IL)

    Impressive list of vitamins and supplements in this product. My husband was taking a product similar to this for many years and has not been able to get it for over a year. He started taking these about 2 weeks ago and is noticing changes in his energy levels as well as improvements in his skin and hair. With so many concerns about covid-19, he has been wanting to get back on a vitamin/supplement program to keep his immune system in check. I think this is what he needs.

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  • Great product , (thomasbreo124 IL)

    Great vitamin only one thing the smell of the vitamins are bad outher then that there the best.

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  • Love, (MeanKitty45 TX)

    my husband love and can feel the differences in how it makes him feel.

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  • great vitamins , (reidlevin IL)

    always feel great after taking this product

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  • Dr. Lessman, (LetyLaMexicna FL)

    there is absolutely no products any where in the market that can compare with the quality of Dr. Andrew Lessman vitamins, minerals and suplements.

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  • Great vitamins, (sandybeach444 AZ)

    My husband likes them and says he feels better ie more energy since beginning them! The little packets make it easy!

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  • Been taking for years, (Softride1 NE)

    Been taking mens complete for years now.About a yearI went to Mens Complete with Omega 3 And love it

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  • Husband says he feels a difference, (piccolofiore MI)

    My husband says he feels a difference when he takes these regularly, and we've been ordering them for the last couple of years. We received a shipment maybe 2 months ago, and since he had some of the old shipment left, hadn't opened the new shipment until last week. The packets in this shipment only contain 4 pills and not 5, like the previous shipments. There is no explanation on HSN's website or on Andrew's website. I would appreciate a reason why the # of pills is reduced. What's missing?

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  • Great product , (maz11 NJ)

    Fell real great when taking this will continue

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