Mele & Co. Lila Faux Leather Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box - Black

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  • Loved it., (ldnash MI)

    I had to return this, it was just too big for what I needed it for.

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  • Perfect, (cjsgrandma IL)

    I have a mess of earring, and this box holds them all perfectly. A very nice size, I keep it on my vanity and it looks great. Is more of a true white color, not cream or ivory. But I love it. Also has a nice sparkling clasp to hold it closed. So happy I purchased it.

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  • Per, (Mookiegoo FL)


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  • Per, (Mookiegoo FL)


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  • Great for Rings and more!, (southbaycurve CA)

    It took me a long time to find a jewelry box that was made especially for rings. All of the sections can fit up to three rings. Most other boxes have some slots for rings and other size areas for other jewelry. What I needed most was a place for my rings only. Although this was made for rings the slots can hold bracelets or chains and pendants. It also has a large pocket and mirror on the inside cover. The box is made sturdy and closes with a snap. It is the perfect size to fit in a drawer or on your dresser. I just love the beautiful smooth inside with the sleek black look on the outside. I am very happy with this purchase. I am sure you will love this purchase.

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  • Great for storing charms, (Kate24 MD)

    I had been searching for a jewelry box to store my charms and charm bracelets, and this box fits the bill perfectly.The 48 small sections are perfect for charms, and bracelets can be kept in the cloth pocket, Now my charms are easily visible and accessible.Also, the faux ivory leather is quite attractive and the box looks great on my dresser.I think it would also work well for rings and earrings.

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  • Lovely!, (pingree09 MA)

    I needed a place to keep my earrings, and this is the perfect solution. Now, all my earrings are easy to find and stored properly. I ordered this jewelry box in Ivory which looks very nice on my dresser next to my polished cherry wood jewelry box.

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  • Good quality...., (elsanth MA)

    Can fit quite a few items in this. Nicely made considering so many items are not real leather any more. The dividers are removable so you can make bigger if needed.

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  • Organized earrings, finally!, (MARYALIS SC)

    Used to spend time looking for particular earrings, finding one, then looking for the mate. Very frustrating! This jewelry box is great for my earrings because I can see them at a glance and do not have to root around in my jewelry armoire drawer to find them. Love the Mele company as I have had several items of theirs in the past. Very satisfied!

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  • What I needed, (castlenv NV)

    This fits the bill for me because I can fit all of my earrings in one box. Not too big on my dresser, like the ivory color. Perfect!

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  • Great organization. , (poswill TX)

    I needed to organize all of my pendant necklaces, they always stayed in a tangled mess. I know most people will use this for earrings. I just may need to get another one for those. As another review said, be sure you pick up the top tray by the little side ribbon tabs or you will end up picking up all of the dividers. I highly recommend this!

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  • Love these magic boxes, (Misslittlebit CA)

    I now have 3 of these wonderful magic jewelry boxes. Perfect for rings, earrings and small pendants. Also perfect organization. One level for rings, one for pendants and one for earrings. Couldn't be better!

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  • Perfect, (starhjess7 MO)

    I am so happy I ordered this jewelry box. I had earrings in small boxes, drawers and just about everywhere. Now they are all in one spot (in the new jewelry box) and organized. The box itself looks very stylish also. Very pleased and worth he price.

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  • FABULOUS, (nanakuku IL)

    I love this box. It is perfect for storing all my earrings. Looks very stylish on my dresser.

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  • Lovely Jewelry Box, (TeaRoses PA)

    I am pleased with this jewelry box. It looks just like it does in the picture. However, I would caution the owner not to pull on the little, separating compartments to lift the top section up, in order to reveal the lower section of the box, because the grid-like separators will come out (you just push them back in). So, to lift the top section up, simply use the ribbon tab-pulls on either side to pull it up. The ribbon tab-pulls are not shown in the photo, but they're there. Aside from the delicate separators, this box is well made all over. Everything else is finished smoothly with no rough edges anywhere. Lovely!

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