Maximum L + Z - 30 Capsules

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  • 1st order; will reorder!, (Sardep1 MI)

    This product is good for eye health.

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  • i can see clearly now, (mina28 NY)

    i just started taking these but i do see the results. i can see clearly and do not need my far glasses. i also take the eye support and asthaxin with it. upon my doctor appointment for my eye which has a issue with swollen behind my eye. he said it was a great improvement and i would need my injection in my eye in eight weeks not the five weeks as in the past. i highly recommend this product as it not only helped the eye with inflamation but the one with the cataract that needs surgery. thanks

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  • Great Product, (Herbgranny TX)

    I have been to my eye doctor for the past 6 months for different reasons. During my last visit he said my eyes look better and I have only been taking this product for a short time! Thanks Andrew!

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  • what a difference, (cigars88 FL)

    A real difference maker. A+++Joe from Florida

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  • Great Product, (artc CA)

    Excellent vitamins I'm glad that there is someone who still believes in doing it right and not cutting corners to make more money

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  • Exceptional and the most surprising supplement!, (nejelai IL)

    I take Andrews vitamins for over 10 years now and swear by them. I was starting to have trouble with reading small letters especially when I had just woken up and look at my phone. I thought maybe Im at that age ( 43 yo). I have been taking Andrews Eye support for years, and never used any eyeglasses or contacts my entire life, but then I started to use readers lately. I ordered these and took them, I swear, only took one each night, after the 3rd night, my vision is back to normal. OMG!!

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  • Great Product, (mjmhappy WA)

    I am taking this because at my age, I decided to try to beef up my eye vitamins to help prevent and future problems

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  • Great!, (wordgyrl AL)

    I was overjoyed to see this offered as a separate supplement since the Ultimate Eye Support has vitamin C in it and it and it always makes my lips tingle. I have been taking this for a couple of weeks and noticed my vision is getting sharper. I hope Andrew makes more products ala carte like this one.

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  • Life changing , (ziggy37 NC)

    Andrew you did it again! I have been having so many eye issues. My vision was such that I would have to have someone drive me certain days because the blurred and hazy vision was so bad. I take many of your supplements for many years that were life changing, but I have too tell you , I have taken this in conjunction with your ultimate eye and I can see again!! Im driving, watching TV without issue! The glare is gone... Im forever grateful! Thank you Andrew!!Susan Carolina Shores NC

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  • Awesome , (Sirena15 IL)

    Loved Them

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  • Maximum L+ Z- 240 capsules, (dollbaby2572282 IN)

    Works well, thanks again for your business and your products...

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    I have been taking the combo of L+Z in the capsule formulation with astaxanthin for years. I recently had a $13000+ cataract surgery and to the upsetting of my Doctor, I waited to be checked, wanting my eye situation to stabilize. At first, your eyes do adjust. I have no eye pressure issues and I do attribute these eye products to producing a successful surgery. I just went in to the eye doctor and the listing of eyeglass on DPS restrictions was removed.I have worked long hours on the computer.

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  • Super stuff, (Sherie777 OR)

    I can tell this works. I have hazel eyes and glare just almost kills me. I take Ultimate Eye Support and using this as a booster, like Andrew suggested, really tops it off. Glare doesn't bother me hardly at all, even at the computer. I love that it doesn't have added vitamins. You have a home run, Andrew!!

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  • Excellent Eye Product, (Mary95610 SC)

    I have not seen this advertised before now and I am so happy that Andrew Lessman has added it to his collection. Eyesight is so important to take good care of and this product is just what i needed. I have no doubt it will definitely do a good job for my eyes. Thank you.!!!!

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  • Another winner, (AllModConz OH)

    I'm so happy Andrew made a formula that is giving us just the crucial ingredients instead of all the extras. I take 17 or 18 of his supplements a day, and don't need all the excess B vitamins. This combined with astaxanthin helps me see better and reduces eye strain. There's no way I would ever stop taking this.

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