Maximum L + Z - 120 Capsules

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  • Love this!, (robfarrer NC)

    I use Maximum L+Z along with Ultimate Eye and have had great results. I used to have an extreme light sensitivity. I no longer have to wear sunglasses all the time. I only wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. My floaters are much less noticeable now. Love Andrew's products!

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  • Wonderful product!, (LDP8 CA)

    I love Andrew Lessman's supplements and will always recommend them to family and friend's!

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  • My eye feels better!, (sunnierain FL)

    I have dry eyes sometime. This one eye had a cataract removed. It's been kinds funny ever since. I swear taking this eye pills has made it better. Not sure what, why, how. But it's better and I love his stuff.

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  • Mandatory , (Tresha6 NJ)

    These EYE vitamins will strengthen Your Vision -as Time goes on-the Studies have proven -this to be so.Use these -VITAMINS -and yourVISION-may even-IMPROVE.

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  • Love Last Eye Dr Appointment!, (MrWoofy1 TX)

    Okay, Ive tried Eye Vitamins before. No difference. THEN I TRIED ANDREW LESSMANs Eye Vitamins and MY EXAM SHOCKED BOTH EYE DR AND ME! My 1 Eye SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED IN VISION! Hoping the other catches up and Continue taking these and RECOMMENDING TO OTHERS! I had not heard Improvement in vision, Ever! I like the Combo of This plus Other of Mr LESSMANs Eye Vitamins to help reduce Dry Eye, too!

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  • Terrific, (mare853 NJ)

    This is such a wonderful product.

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  • Love Andrew Lessman products, (Karen941 CA)

    This is my second bottle and I will be reordering this product. I ve seen an improvement in my vision

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  • Great Vitamins, (Imiss1 TX)

    I've been using these for years and love them.. Keep up the great quality!!

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  • Max l + z, (shag8 GA)

    I have been taking this vitamin One month and already see improvement.

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  • A must for everyone, (Sassy-Jan MI)

    I appreciate Andrews honesty. Even if it's hard to afford this product, you need to find a way to get it. One or two a week will definitely help keep your eyes good shape as you age. The young are bombarded with electronic reading devices and they need to protect their eyes. Those in middle age and even older can help protect and support their eyes with one or two a week. If you already are having eye problems then use them on a more regular basis. Your eyes are so important to that you need to

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  • L + Z Retna Eye Support., (Chedy PA)

    Have been taking for a Year. Latest Eye check-up, doctor related " Don't know what you're doing, or taking, but Keep It Up ". " Eye test show a Remarkable Improvement ".

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  • It works, (AMJ62 NJ)

    I feel better with all Andrews pills. I have like 33 different vitamins and take them all

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  • i trust Andrew's products, (Addictfragrances CO)

    This is better than astaxthanin alone. It's a combination of essential eye health products that would be almost impossible to take individually. Andrew seems to have a purpose in mind with his products and how they are made. That's why I trust him and his products. This product is no exception.

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  • Amazing!, (chicachic TX)

    Wish I had tried these sooner. I actually saw a difference the very next morning after taking the first one the evening prior. I usually cant see the small print on the computer when I first get up, but these make a big improvement!

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  • Love this product, (MiniShopper3 CO)

    This product really helped with my eye health in that they are less likely to feel dry and scratchy. Highly recommend. I plan to try the "complete" eye care product from ProCaps, which should improve my eye care even more, I think.

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