Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Recover Shampoo and Conditioner

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  • I'm a believer , (Uptownbx NY)

    I'm completely sold! This product wonderful and it really works.... It really leaves your healthy in an optimal condition; strong & moisturized. I totally recommen!

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  • Truly Amazing!, (sharon56 RI)

    Because of this pandemic and all the hair salons being closed for so long my hair is a complete wreck. I tried everything and it was getting worse and worse. I saw this on clearance and boy am I glad I did. My hair never looked so good. Smooth and all the frizzies are gone. I really can't believe what a difference it has made. I should be the before and after photo, it's that good. If your hair is a real mess, try this. It is a recovery no doubt about it.

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    Love this product, you will definitely notice a difference in your hair!!!!!

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  • Wonderful , (sandra511 NJ)

    This is a great product. I definitely experienced much less hair loss and my hair is healthier in both feel and appearance.

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  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!, (molly75 WV)

    As a former hairdresser, I know Biolage has been around a while, however this Recover is the BOMB! I have long, silver-grey hair and it's never looked better. SOOOO soft, smooth, and mega shine. At 68yrs young, I'm loving the results. How about putting in larger bottles? The shampoo fools you as it pours like water, but once it hits your hair, look out - suds galore! Very pleased w/this product :-)

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  • Excelente, (suge1 CT)

    Muy bueno

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  • Soft, soft, soft, (Alix476 TN)

    I do not write many reviews but I wanted to for this shampoo and conditioner. I have been looking for products that would leave my hair soft since moving into the city and not using a water softener. I have tried many different brands...expensive and not..these deliver what they advertise!!!

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  • Great products!, (MONIKA WI)

    I love both the shampoo and conditioner. They smell great, make my hair look great, and you only need a tiny bit, which is a plus as well!

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  • Best Shampoo Ever!, (beautyluvs FL)

    This is the best shampoo & conditioner I've ever used! I loved how clean, silky, and invigorating my hair felt with only the first wash. The RAW recover doesn't strip my hair with a bunch of harsh unnecessary chemicals like many shampoos have in the past. I use a small amount and it works perfectly while feeling clean for days. It may seem expensive. But you only need to use a little each time. I just purchased the texture spray and another shampoo/conditioner in travel size. I cant wait!

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  • I'm not a Wen girl anymore, (kaka07 FL)

    Used this 2 times so far. It makes my hair soft and it looks good. I recently bought Tweak'd Strengthening 3 pic kit in Dhatelo a few months ago. I love that also. Not sure which one I like the best so I'll use both of them on and off

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  • Helps De-Frizz, (BoBunnyBoo8885 CA)

    I have very difficult frizzy hair. This formula works beautifully on my hair and smells wonderful.

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  • If I could give it 10 stars I would!, (Roxie722 TX)

    I stopped when I saw Tabitha on HSN because I am a big fan! I watched the model demonstration and could see the difference in the models' hair. I ordered and as soon as the product arrived I washed my hair. I CANNOT believe the difference! I have greying hair that I color and add blonde highlights. My hair is also very thick. With the effects of the grey and color treatment my hair was getting so much volume that it was oversized on my head. With one shampoo and conditioning application my hair feels like children's soft healthy hair. I am amazed! The volume was reduced so much that my hair relaxed and looks longer. It is the best shampoo and conditioner that I have ever used. I also didn't use very much of either product to produce stunning results. I consider this magic!

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  • healthier hair, (deutch CA)

    I have very healthy hair and I have been donated my hair for more than 30 years. However, after I reached 60 this year I noticed that my hair got thinner not to mentioned I started to have grey hair. I have used this set for two days. My loss hair seemed to reduce. My daughter said my hair looks shinny and full of life. Isn't that all we want to have? Give a try and let your hair enjoy drinking the juice and smoothy.

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  • Color treated shampoo, (Dar248 KY)

    This shampoo works well on my color treated and fragile hair. Good conditioner also!

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  • Like shampoo, (sugarbelle41 GA)

    I like this set. It keeps my hair from feeling so dry. However, I hate the scent of the conditioner and it takes a while to dissipate.

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