Magnesium Intensive Care

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  • Magnesium Intensive, (Ba-ba TN)

    I mistakenly ordered this product. However. I like it. I thought I was order Calcium intensive care which I love.

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  • Amazing!, (Glamgirl8 MI)

    I went to the doctor with stiffness and pain in my legs. He said I should try Magnesium. I already take Andrews Calcium and Magnesium, but thought I may need some more Magnesium. I bought these and within two weeks-no more stiffness. I feel young again! Thank you Andrew! You are a gem in a vast ocean!

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  • Best Vitamins, (Success4me GA)

    I order a batch at once. I hate to run out...

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  • Saved my life. , (Wilda309 MD)

    This magnesium saved my life as I do not absorb magnesium. Over the counter products gave me stomach upset & diarrhea so the absorption was worse. I was given IV infusions of magnesium at the hospital every 2 weeks as I said couldnt take OTCs . I saw this product on HSN & was at first very skeptical but due to them claiming no stomach upset I decided to try it. What a life saver. M TV doctor was impressed with my results. I have not had an infusion in over 2 years. My muscles feel great.

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  • Helps me relax, does the body well, (cshore TN)

    I do not take these every day, sometimes I'll open a capsule, and do just some. Works for me, heart, sleep, relaxation. Nice "pal" to have around. Peace of mind and body for me. Thank you again Andrew Lessman, and the knowledge you impart to us.

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  • Stopped my restless legs! , (pineapple17 IN)

    I suffer with restless leg syndrome and it has kept me up all night long, many nights. I have ordered these 4 times now and waiting for a bottle of 250 that will be here tomorrow. I havent had one episode of restless legs since I began taking this. I definitely will have this at all times now.

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  • Super!, (PDBuie SC)

    This product seems to be doing well for me with the restless leg I have going on. My doctor prescribed Magnesium for me in place of the other prescrip I had been using. Making the switch to OTC, I immediately thought of this item with HSN! I have no date or professional proof like those in the medical field would. All I know is when I take my Magnesium (along with exercise, good nutrition), my legs rest better and so do I !! Thanks!

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  • Keeps me Regular, (khawk07 OH)

    I have been taking this for a couple years now. I take 3 every night. It is the ONLY thing that gently relieves my constipation and keeps me regular like clockwork once a day. I have tried changing my diet, I've tried All Bran Buds, I have tried other supplements, I have tried other magnesium and magnesium blends. This is what works so I am sticking to it.

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  • Works for Me, (jillibean1 PA)

    I have been taking Andrew's Magnesium for quite some time. I was getting cramps in my legs, toes, and fingers, where they would go completely straight, and painful. I was told to try Magnesium, and of course Andrew's supplements are all I use. I can honestly say, this product has given me the best results. I have no more cramping or discomfort, and haven't for the past 5 years. At 75 I can only imagine how I would feel without this product. It was the answer for me.

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  • Easy on the system, (kseattle WA)

    This is easy on my system. No problems when I take my 2 a day. It has helped with the muscle cramping I was having in my legs and feet.

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  • LOVE IT!, (tjtrmr VA)

    It works! Love it!

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  • Calming sleep, (MSPRECIOUS NV)

    Insomnia, stress??? This helps so much. Most definitely recommend.

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  • 5 stars, (angel530 IL)

    I had horrible leg cramps at night. After only 2 days of taking this product...all leg cramps gone ! Thank you Andrew.....

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  • Heart healthy, (goldenhamster OH)

    Started taking these soon after I was prescribed bp meds. Doctor usually finds my supplements superfluous. But not these. Got my husband on them too.

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  • Anxiety Relief, (alwaysbroke NY)

    I notice a big difference in my anxiety level. Helps me sleep better.

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