Magic Mesh™ Hands-Free Screen Door Garage

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  • Wonderful and it works!, (teereview GA)

    This screen works, is so easy to walk thru and it closes itself. We use this on our camper. I would highly recommend this!

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  • Easy to use!, (RhondaChristian9 MS)

    We don't have a garage, but used our hands-free garage screen to cover a very large sliding glass door when we are grilling on the deck. It's easy to walk through when our hands are full. Even our kids use it with ease! We get lots of compliments on it.

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  • Great housewarming gift!, (JP857 MI)

    We have always loved the regular Magic Mesh screen doors. We recently purchased this garage door version as a housewarming gift for family. They have a detached garage that has become a hangout spot for games and smokers (meat, not cigarettes!). The Magic Mesh door is working great to keep the bugs out and is especially well loved on muggy midwest evenings! Great gift, they were very excited about it!

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  • Good product., (MSteele1 NC)

    This product is handy. The way our house sits the sun shines directly into our garage which is annoying. This screen blocks the sun from shining through into the garage causing us to uncomfortable while sitting or working out. It also keeps out the bugs. I found it to be much cooler in the garage with this up rather then having the garage door down and fans going. Hands down a good purchase and worth the money.

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  • Love this, (anmtca08 OH)

    This works perfect for my back door. Keeps the bugs out and let's in a cool breeze. Magnets work perfect!

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  • Simple to install, nice product, (marynix LA)

    I got this for my mom to use during a barbecue and it was great. It kept the flies from getting into the garage and house as the doors were opened and closed constantly. I dont know how it functions long term, but it was great for the party and we would definitely use it again.

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  • Great product, (mtjpitts FL)

    We have tried the door mesh closures before and they work. But this is a whole new level. We live this for our garage door. We are constantly working in and out of the garage and leave the door open but we live in Florida and the bugs are bad. This helps make it where we can leave it open and get the breeze without all the bites that come with it.

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  • Perfect for our garage!, (Melissa_W OK)

    We love this screen for our garage! We have a ping-ping table set up in the garage and now we are able to leave the door open for fresh air without worrying about bugs getting in to bother us.

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  • Why Didn't I Think of This, (Roadking17 NM)

    This is fantastic. My dogs like to be wherever I am. When I am in the garage they had to stay in the house because I could not keep an eye on them. Now, the garage screen allows me to keep the garage door raised for fresh air and have the dogs out there with me. Although they could get out easily enough they don't even try. What a great product.

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  • Bye, mosquitos!, (LoriPat AL)

    We come in and out of our garage a lot, especially in the summer time. Mosquitos are horrible where we live and this is a perfect way to keep them out but keep fresh air coming in. It was easy to install and easy to walk in and out of. It is very durable and stays put (doesn't blow away in the wind) It works just as described and we are very happy with the purchase!

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  • Easy installation, (LaurieWilson FL)

    Easy installation. Perfect for people that spend a lot of time in the garage and want to keep bugs out. Good size

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  • Great outdoor addition, (melkeefe16 CT)

    We spend a lot of time outdoors and are constantly going in and out. This is ideal in eliminating that. My husband was able to easily install it in the garage door opening. The mesh is sturdy and durable and has already survived with heavy winds and rain. The magnets keep it closed and easily open when going through them even with your hands full.

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  • no mosquitos , (tomy2 FL)

    the product is good .I'm going to return this because is to big for i make mistake and I order with no lock the is for garage doors .but the quality is very good

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  • Happy So Far, (katchetee LA)

    I bought this to install on my elderly father's "shop" door, which is a garage size roll up door. He works in there constantly, but is getting eaten alive by mosquitos. So far, he is happy with it and if he's happy, I'm happy. The true test will be the dead of Louisiana Summer in a few months.

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  • Garage Screen Door, (SueKey WA)

    Not enough tacks were included and garage doors are not all the same dimensions.

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