M. Asam VINOLIFT® Velvance Eau de Parfum

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  • Stinky, (lilJeanne58 CA)

    Im not sure if this smells like grandma or some thing to spray on an animal when they got into a skunk! The good news is the fragrance only last for about 10 minutes! So I took a chance.. Cant even give the stuff away!

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  • Not for me, (Jacquimb NY)

    I bought this for my mom, she loved his No. 2 but I dont see it anymore! Why do they release something and then just stop making it. Well, she hated this scent so back it went!

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  • Pretty, feminine frag with some depth, (Penn17 PA)

    I dithered over whether to get this or not but took the plunge and am pleased enough to have bought another, since I plan to wear this every day. It's floral and ladylike but not stuffy or heavy. It's light enough to wear in warmer weather but has enough substance for the colder months. Worth trying if you're on the fence.

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  • Disappointed, (SLMangle KY)

    I loved the smell of the Vinolift body lotion and hoped this smelled like that. It doesn't. At first spray, this did smell okay, but after dry down, it just had an overwhelming scent that I could not handle. I actually had to change my clothes. I love the M. Asam Rose perfume, but not this.

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  • Refreshing Scent, (Reenee2 NY)

    Love all M.Asam products and this is the first time trying the Eau de Parfum. What a wonderful clean scent! Thanks for offering us scents and I will for sure try the others.

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  • Great to layer with Vinolift body lotion, (AngelGirl444 NV)

    Velvance is a great fragrance to layer with the Vinolift body lotion! I LOVE the smell of the Vinolift product line!!! This parfum doesn't smell EXACTLY like the Vinolift creams and lotions BUT is equally as wonderful on it's own or combined together. I appreciate that this is a large bottle, it definitely will last a long time. I am VERY happy with this purchase. Thank you, M. Asam and HSN!

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  • nice fragrance, (DKAZ75 AZ)

    But an hour later you don't smell it at all

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  • Spicy-Sweet-Fresh, (Pretty59 FL)

    Thank-You M. Asam.Not The Same Cookie-Cutter Frangrance.Unique.A+. I LOVE.

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  • Not for me..., (KUMMQUAAT FL)

    Fragrance is a subjective thing. This was too pungent and musky for me, so I had to return. I appreciate HSN's return policy that made it easy to do so.

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  • Lovely floral scent, (Lynne2 NY)

    I tried this for the first time about a month ago. Wanted to try a new scent. Glad I did. Lovel floral scent and this will now be my go to eau de parfume. Thanks M Asam.

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  • Beautiful, long lasting scent!, (satorie PA)

    It's always a lottery to buy an unfamiliar fragrance online, but I love the M. Asam No. 1 eau de parfum that is the same citrusy fragrance from their Vino Gold line. Velvance is a wonderful scent that has more of an oriental floral. It is a classic scent without the big announcement of "juicy berries". I am not a walking fruit salad. I love that I can wear either of the edp and like a little black dress, have just the touch of the right fragrance on at any time.

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  • Old Lady Smell, (Sweetey49 TX)

    I was shocked at how sweet and flowery this perfume smelled. If you like old lady perfume, you will love this. Sent back.

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  • Very Nice Scent, (PATI327 AZ)

    You never know what to expect when ordering cologne/perfume, but I have to say that this was a very nice surprise. Not too strong and fresh smelling.

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  • Wonderful !, (bugs500 OH)

    Love it ! I know not everyone loves the same parfum and its very hard to purchase one you can not smell first ,but ladies this is wonderful it smells like the vino line only better .it is a fresh clean sent ,definitely something I would wear daily hope it will always be available.Thanks M.Asam for another great product :)

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