M. Asam VINOLIFT® Lip Lines Cream Duo

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  • My favorite, (cabnol PA)

    This dress fits beautifully and looks great. Soft and flowy. I highly recommend it

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  • Lip Cream, (Chase7791 MI)

    I really like this cream. A little goes a long way! There is only a faint sweet scent, but otherwise no scent. I have lines around my lips and I don't smoke or use straws. When applied, it really does cover and smooth out any lines around the lips. I also put a little on my crows feet. Good stuff! I'm 55, and a cosmetics junkie. Love the BOGO

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  • really works, (gizmo224 NY)

    I have used MAsam products for years. This lip lines cream works very well, and could see a great difference after running out.

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  • Feels good, (CHEX IN)

    Not sure that it is doing anything but it does moisturize lip area which is extra Winter dry.

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  • Where is it?, (karkar84 PA)

    Still have not received item.

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  • Great Product, (nana900 TX)

    This product really works! Best cream I have ever used on my lips, and Ive tried many products. I do not wont to be without it, and Ive only had it for about a week being used two times a day.

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  • Perfect!, (gigi63 NY)

    Im not one to take the time to write reviews but I absolutely had to for this product! I have been using this for less than a week and CANNOT get over the results I am already seeing! I dont know whats in this but whatever it is, its golden. So impressed that I went back to order more and they were sold out! So when it gets back in stock Im going to stock up or do auto delivery if available because I dont ever want to be without it!!!

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  • Warning!, (slg4 FL)

    Product needs an applicator tip, NO ONE should be touching their lips with their fingers with COVID!

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  • Finally, (leeloutyne CA)

    After trying several lip line creams, and spending $$$$$... I am so happy that this cream really works for me. My expectations were low, since nothing made a difference. But surprise. This product works! I made the mistake of drinking all of my beverages using straws. Years and years to keep my teeth white. Well, it's just like smoking. The lines just started showing a few years ago, and I'm not old enough to have all these lines. HA! All I can say is that this product works for me. Nice!

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  • m. asam vinolift lip lines cream, (JO007 PA)

    i really like this cream. i've been using it for quite a while, makes the area around my lips look better. i recommend it to try. i like it and always keep some on hand. i use it every day. thank you

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  • Delighted, (Jezzie2 MA)

    I have suffered with lack of confidence about my aging lips lines. I have never smoked but have deep smokers lines. I have felt so self conscious about them. This works wonders It is a great product for which I have been searching endlessly Thank you

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  • My lip lines are less visible !, (Silvernsassy48 TX)

    I bought this product out of desperation. I have tried many other brands with little results. When a product delivers results I like to share it ! Key is to be consistent, everyday and every night, you will see plumper lips and your lines will be less visible. My lipliner and my lipstick went on better and my lips do look better ! Thank you

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  • It works, (Tinamz SC)

    I tried other things and they just didn't work. I started using this and in 2 weeks my lines started getting better. They still are there but I think in about a month they will probably be gone. The lines came overnight it seemed and were pretty bad but this really seems to work. Try it yoh won't be sorry.

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  • excellent, (LLLLOUSY NV)

    I read a review for this product. The lady was the same age as myself. SHE SOLD ME

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  • Great product , (zoe18 NY)

    One of the few products that really make a difference in your lip lines. It is affordable and easy to use. As long as you remember to use it a few times a day, the results are good.

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