M. Asam 2-pack Perfect Lift Instant Effect

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  • instant gratification, (whatithink6 CA)

    I've used this for years. I'm 73 and am complimented about my looks often. I use this under my eyes and around my lips. It gets put on every morning and lasts all day. I like this better than the other one I've tried. No film and lasts.

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  • The best ive tried, (Patrick12521 IN)

    Works great. I wont be without it! Not tinted so it doesnt settle in wrinkles. I use it under my eyes daily and it makes me look 10 years younger. I am a guy and this is the best under eye cream for men I have found

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  • Works as described, (MellyLu2 FL)

    This product does just what it is supposed to. Just follow directions and you'll see the difference! It's great for a quick lift.

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  • Asam Perfect Lift, (jasz1021 AR)

    Works. A fav. Do not want to be without.

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  • Lovr it., (Sumei CA)

    Everything I tried from M. Asam turned out to be exactly what he said they'll do.

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  • It works but its tricky. , (valuehunter2021 CA)

    I have played with this product a bit now. I didnt care for the white residue but then I tried applying to clean dry skin and keeping my face still for 20-30 mins then washing off before applying my other products. This tactic seems to work for me and I can see results quickly but temporarily...which I believe is what the claim is for this product. :)

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  • Returned this product , (Gr8taste2 MD)

    This product left a light colored residue on my skin. I tried using a little and it didnt make a difference. Depending on your skin tone may make a difference.

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  • Pretty Good , (Swingout2 CA)

    This is okay product it does tighten the skin. The problem I found is when I add moisturizer and makeup the effect goes away. Maybe if you add it to your makeup and then apply it might last

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  • Not impressed, (RobbieSue4 MD)

    This product just made my skin feel tight but when I looked in the mirror. the bags and puffiness under my right eye looked taut, which was fine but did nothing for the left eye so I looked lop-sided. Did nothing to lift the forehead wrinkles.

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  • Considering Returning, (ShelleyJ MI)

    This product does not live up to as advertised. Despite the fact that it was advertised to not leave a white residue on the skin, it does. Secondly the product does not dispense appropriately. When the tube is squeezed a clear liquid comes out before the actual serum comes out. Therefore, there is basically no control over getting the amount out that you want and also not getting the additional liquid. Lastly, I did not see as good of results as advertised. Would not recommend.

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  • Didnt work, (dewinga GA)

    I had high hopes that this would Minamize my lines on side of nose and mouth. It left a white residue and did little to hide the lines.

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  • DID NOT WORK FOR ME, (suzieblue09 MI)

    SOOOOO disappointed!!! Have been using this product on half of my face and neck and not on the other half for comparison. Yes, you can feel a tightening effect for 4-6 hours. But truly visible effects just didn't happen for me. Gave a tube to two other friends who would also rate it poorly. HSN salesmanship makes this appear like the ultimate temporary lift solution. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

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  • MAsam perfect lift-instant effect, (amberh7 TX)

    First I used the amount shown in the demo on HSN. Nothing changed. I had to pat on a very generous amount to barely see any difference. Not worth it. Disappointed to say the least

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  • See No Difference, (yecats OR)

    I applied as directed and saw absolutely no difference in the way my face looked. Needless to say, Im very disappointed and will be sending it back.

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  • Little effect , (urbanskier PA)

    I was excited to try this product hoping it would make a difference on my 2 forehead lines. Although you can feel a tightening it really didnt make a noticeable difference on me especially after applying my foundation over it. Im returning it.

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