LUCID Comfort Collection 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Twin

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  • Firm
  • Love Lucid, (twinks1 GA)
    • Firm

    This is the second Lucid memory foam I have and it is perfect not to soft not to firm just right

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  • Best Buy Ever, (Ellie92386 CA)
    • Firm

    This mattress is amazing!! I ordered a full now I am ready for a Queen

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  • Love this!!!, (tjlw918 OH)
    • Firm

    I was a little concern being it is a foam mattress but my first night on it took that doubt away. Until I got this one, every morning I would wake up in alot of back pain. Now I get up with no pain and its great. The only issue I have is being a heavy woman, after laying or sitting on it for a while, I can sink in it just enough where it is a slight struggle to get up! LOL! I also do not have a problem with being too hot and kicking off covers anymore.

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  • Very happy with mattress, (bran26 KY)
    • Firm

    Im extremely happy with this mattress! It is very comfortable and fluffs up quicker than I expected. I couldnt be happier with this product. The amount of firmness is prefect for me.

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  • Best sleep ever, (Jammie8 MI)
    • Firm

    My mattress came early and was easy to set up and is like sleeping on a cloud.

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  • Great mattress , (Riley22 AZ)
    • Firm

    This is a great mattress if you are looking for a medium firm mattress. I truly recommend this one. It took about 48 Hours for it to reach its full height. Ive slept great every night.

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  • No More lower Back Pain, (salm91 NY)
    • Firm

    I really like this bed. It's firm and yet soft. It took about 5 hours to fill out so it was "sleep-able"...yet, the next morning it was even larger. All the edges filled out nicely. The only issue I have is that it does have a scent to it and I wish they used like a lemon scent because I have allergies. I had it for almost a month and I still smell the mattress scent.

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  • Just Eh, (Karynjean PA)

    Ive waited until Ive slept on this mattress for over a month to write this review. Im not new to memory foam mattresses. The old adage of you get what you pay for is quite evident with this mattress. My recommendation is to save your money until you can afford a better quality mattress. One side is lower than the other.

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  • Mattress, (tonya1976 GA)
    • Firm

    I got this back in May it was all messed up I call and tell them I did not want it they told me they would not take it back they would send me another one it is August I still have not got t and the took my money dont buy this

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  • Horrible!, (DaisysMom05 FL)
    • Firm

    I ordered this mattress based on its reviews. Gosh! Either I got the wrong mattress or it's been used for 10 years! It has got to be the single most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on! I am a side sleeper and on the FIRST night, I felt like I was having to hang on to keep myself from sliding off the side of the bed! I tried laying in the center of the mattress and it actually felt like the entire right side of the mattress had collapsed. I definitely felt like I was leaning to the right

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