Lidia's Kitchen Lighter Weight Nonstick Cast Iron 5-Quart Dutch Oven

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  • Nice pot, (Rosanne1955 NY)

    So far very good product but even though it is supposed to be lighter weight, it is quite heavy.

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  • Even Heat, (MARISSA PA)

    Love this dutch over. Caramelizes meat so well and quickly. Not so heavy as many cast iron cookware. Makes me a better cook

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  • Great, (Nerdyshopper NY)

    Love this pan, great for saucesSoups, Stews. Pot Roast too!Makes a really great gift too.

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  • Great cast iron pot, (cowgirl6040 MI)

    I really love the cast iron pot it was just enough lighter for me to handle and still feel like a quality pot. Its awesome. Thank you Lydia I also like the glass lid. I can see what its doing. Love it!!!

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  • Great and useful pot, (mjmojo CA)

    This is a versatile and beautiful pot and lid. Good size and quality and pretty much no clean up.

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  • No Seasoning Needed, (dogzenjammer NC)

    I have cast iron cookware that I seasoned over years. This is nonstick right away. If youre used to cast iron, this will feel much lighter, easier to lift. Its still hefty though. The domed glass lid is perfect and fits Lydias fry pan too. I bought both and use them often.

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  • Perfect soup/chili pot, (netti50 KY)

    Made my veggie chili! So easy, clean up is a breeze. This cast iron pot holds heat. They say lightweight, it is lighter than regular cast iron. I ordered red. You wont be disappointed. I like the glass lid, handle gets hot. Water sticks inside where the handle attaches, when washing. Ive noticed many lids are like this with glass lids. Its great to see what youre cooking. I cant wait to try my next recipe! Ive watched Lidia for years! Im Italian- I just think the world of her!

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  • Exploding lid, (Jenni5782 KY)

    Love both of my Lidia containers! Was fixing a roast in my Dutch oven and my lid exploded. Ruined my roast , my oven is full of broken glass. A mess. Im disappointed. I have taken pictures if needed.

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  • Dutch oven by Lidia, (Chodo5 PA)

    Bought for my mother ,but has not used as yet.she did have a q though.we have purchased many pots/ utensils and all have come with recipes y hasn't Lydia included a few of her mother loves her shows.

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  • It didnt stand up to the heat , (disappointed717 NY)

    Its a beautiful pot as described. The lid cover is excellent. But the pot started create sa boil on the side like the paint started bubbling on the stove I had to return for refund. Customer service was excellent on the matter to be resolved

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  • Lid Exploded, (Melc133 OH)

    Washed the dutch oven and lid, sat them aside after drying. 10 minutes later the lid exploded, glass everywhere.

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  • Love Lidia, (joyjoyhart NM)

    But there is no way this is lightweight. I hope I can lift it when I put food for cooking in it. It is pretty and attractive on top of the stove.

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  • Awful pot! Used twice and threw it away!, (coolmom_ron NC)

    I purchased this pot at the full price listed when she first debuted on HSN and thought it was a beautiful pot. Well after 2 uses, the nonstick coating started to bubble and I no longer felt safe using the pot. It was too late to return so I threw it away. A waste of money and very disappointing quality.

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  • DO NOT BUY, (RossBell CA)

    I really liked this pot with lid until the nonstick coating bubbled up and peeled away from the inside of the pan into my food. Lidia, how could you put your name on something with such poor quality.

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  • Caution lid explodes and nonstick peels off., (Lori61959 KY)

    The nonstick peeled off my first purchase.. sent it back.. Received the replacement and while cooking dinner the lid exploded into my dinner. Sending it back with no desire to order again. (Only had it a month). Also, the same thing happened to the skillet as well ..nonstick peeled off of it. (Had it for 2 months). I took plenty of pictures for proof.

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