Lasko Pedestal Heater with Remote Control

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  • A great solution to the drafty room, (Jikster VA)

    This heater definitely works in the drafty living room, and with the temperatures really like almost the North Pole, saw this and knew I had to purchase. It easy to put together and the remote works as expected. The remote is very helpful, and the buttons are large and diagram on the 4 buttons is easy to read. The heat is equally distributed because it also turns side-to-side (see remote). I like the safety features as well. Always recommend a Lasko

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  • Good, (bobb623 DC)

    This is a very nice heater, should have got 2.

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  • Great Help!, (Doktor TN)

    I have an older heating unit. With the recent winter storm the temps in my area went down to zero degrees. That is far from the normal in my state. I always try to prepare in advance so I bought this heater just in case. Well just in case happened and it worked like a dream. I used it in my living room, which is a large space to heat. I have an open area which is great to look at but hard to heat and cool. This unit worked great and kept the temps at an even level. Would highly recommend!

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  • Should have bought a long time ago, (aludivina UT)

    i froze all winter long and now with the air conditioner on i was done freezing.Even with the vents closed i get cold, could be old age or cancer or both.Right now i have this heater in the bathroom. It heats the room so fast, now i'm toasty warm.i bought a small heater that plug in the wall but it didn't heat the room.I'm going to buy another one and keep this one in the bathroom

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  • It worked great , (Spaz11 CA)

    It worked great and very quiet.I bought it for my dogs.

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  • Great space heaters, (bigmamawoo61 IL)

    I purchased two of these work wonderful especially in the mornings to take the chill out of a room so we didnt have to put big furnace on. Highly recommend this heater

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  • Really Heats Up!, (DelightedShoppe1 PA)

    I purchased two of these for a relative whose gas heat went out. They put one in the living room, and one in the bedroom. Both heated the house sufficiently. The remote, auto-turn off feature are excellent safety features. There's also a tip-over feature. Just checked & HSN sold-out. I'm considering purchasing one for myself. Two reasons, others have stated they lower your energy bill, plus, there have been gas leaks recently. I haven't been hit but it's good to be prepared.

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  • Excellent value, (Cfig IL)

    So nice that this is portable and has a remote control. My son really enjoys using this in his room which is the coldest room in the house. Nice solution plus he can take it with him when he moves out so he will get plenty of use.

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  • Really heats up a room fast!, (gardenergirl CT)

    We just bought a vintage house so very drafty and 2 of the rooms do not have radiator heat , this has been a life saver , love the oscillating feature , it moves the heat around , I would recommend this , it really works!

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  • I love this heater!, (Gummy-dad CA)

    One of the things I love about this heater is that it's extremely well made, very sturdy and works great. It does require an outlet that's made for a window air conditioner or something that consumes a lot of power. It has a great digital display and I love that it has a rotate option. It also has an hourly timer option so you can choose how long you want it on vs to what temp you want it to reach.

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  • Love Lasko, (SHANI824 NY)

    This is the upgrade to a model I purchased in 2017 for a room 8x12. It heats the room thoroughly and quietly. A remote is a must have for space heaters. I moved the older model to a small area to heat in the morning.

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  • Worth the price, (Mommy2011 GA)

    Love this heater. Heats up a room in no time.

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  • Space Saving Ceramic Pedastal Heater, (jilliann47 CA)

    Excellent product!

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  • Excellent heater!, (beautyfreak IL)

    I bought this for added heat in our kitchen when it is extremely cold. It didn't disappoint. It does a very good job and I'd buy again.

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  • Great, strong heater. , (kory72 TX)

    Purchased this Lasko ceramic pedestal heater & a delonghi ceramic heater around the same time. The Lasko heats up the entire surrounding area while you have to practically touch the delonghi to even tell if it's working. My house is open concept & drafty so strong heaters are important. I meant to send the delonghi back but life happens & I forgot. Lasko worked better & was $15 cheaper.

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