Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear 530 Suede C Liquid Foundation

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  • not for me, (juani55 NY)

    returned not for me

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  • Not-For-Me Foundation, (ks12 PA)

    This foundation was returned as it was very drying to my face, likely due to the SPF. I returned.

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  • Too makeup looking., (Dobergal MA)

    I'm new to Lancome and have been using their skin care products. Decided to try their foundation. Perhaps down the road when my oily pore like skin is better, this would work, but now just did not like the finished results. Looked like makeup and showed pores. Returned.

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  • different, (MISSIE146 OH)

    the shade was not the same as my last 470 shade . it was off the color.

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  • Not all day wear!, (eburke MN)

    I believe I gave this a fair try. It went on nice and I liked it in the beginning of the day, like the first 4 hours, it went down hill after that. My face was greasy, it settled into my pores and it felt tacky on my skin, I couldn't wait to wash if off!! I am 55 and having troubles finding a good foundation for my weird oily/dry skin. I wanted to love it, but it's a no go for me!

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  • Very drying for my skin., (Marzind1 WI)

    Sent back could not use this foundation.

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  • foundation, (nolanola516 TX)

    Returned. Too oily for my skin type, although the color match was good. Would recommend to someone with drier skin.

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  • Meh, (gingin84 FL)

    This was ok foundation. I've used several drugstore brands that are better than this. It broke me out and it created lines on my face that are not typically there. Doesn't blend well or build up if you have normal skin. Dried me out.

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  • settles in lines, (nichutch GA)

    im in my mid 30's , this settled into my lines on my forehead. sent back

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  • Just ok, (utexlonghorn TX)

    I tried to like this because I hate returning things; however, for the price I expected much more. On me the foundation seemed drying, and I didn't see that it provided all that much coverage for discolorations. Sadly, I felt it further aged my appearance so decided not to keep. ( I am in my 60s and am seeing the wrinkles and enlarged pores so had hoped to find a miracle foundation)

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  • not what i was expecting , (the1gt FL)

    I really wanted to like it. but I didn't feel like it proivided full coverage, granted I did get the wrong tone. Not sure if that's the problem. But for the price of the foundation, it was not Wowed.

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  • No, (Titat RI)

    This made my skin break out

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  • Cakey, (Brvenna CO)

    This make-up is VERY cakey and looked so obvious that I had face make-up on. Unfortunately, I was out of town majority of the time after it delivered, so i didn't get to try it out within the exchange/return time. In result, I still have this product, practically NEW! I only pumped once to try it out after I shook it. I'm sad, do not get my money back and am stuck with this product now. :(

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  • No Different Than Most, (FOXYLOXY TX)

    This makeup was drying, hard to get full coverage and settled in every pore and wrinkle. Showed up pores on my nose I didn't even know were there. Very aging for a woman with dry skin, and I did use a Lancome moisturizer underneath. The only positive thing about it was the color was perfect.

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  • ok, (angel161 FL)

    Had a sample & liked it but when I tested it against Revlon Colorstay 24 hr. Wow Revlon much better ! At 44.00 a bottle sent it back ! You can get 4 bottles of the Revlon with better coverage & lasts all day

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