Lancôme Idole Eau de Parfum

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  • Nice fragrance , (RSCA CA)

    Its a nice fragrance but I prefer Tresor from the same brand.

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  • Bad shipment, (Nanasboysby5 CO)

    Not sure if the bottle was damaged in shipment or if defective but I havent even finished all flex pays and the bottle has completely leaked the perfume. Size was too small for $

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  • Wonderful perfume, (Cuchi2711 TX)

    I read the reviews before purchasing as i wanted to try something fresh and new. Im really pleased with my purchase. The purfume actually remunds me of when u walk into the expensive department store in the perfume section and u smell that really great perfume. Thats what it smells like. Downfall- the smell doesnt last very long once u put it on.

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  • Heavenly Scent!!!, (Silverlady12 MD)

    I originally purchased La Vie est Belle on two occasions, however, I am allergic to that scent, but I loved it. I recently took the chance and ordered Idole! The scent is heavenly! And I just love to spray the fragrance on me! I would recommend this lovely fragrance to anyone!

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  • Smell good with help, (toya987 CA)

    Use vanilla oil first and then spray this, it will last longer and the notes will be amplified. Otherwise this is just a 3 star perfume and it doesnt last but 2 hours on the skin, and no one can smell it on you.

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  • Perfume, (NanaDianne TN)

    Love this perfume. It is not too over powering. This is the second time that I have ordered a Lancome perfume from HN.

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  • Exactly what did I receive? , (StardustGypsy NY)

    Two things make me doubt the authenticity of this perfume. First, the bottle is not labeled -- the name of the perfume does not appear anywhere on it. The word "Lancome" appears on the cap but that's all. And there was no box. Secondly, the fragrance I received smells nothing like the samples I have of this perfume. It is completely different. I should not have to pay the shipping cost to return what I believe is a knockoff.

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  • Too Much Citrus, (ChiTown457 TN)

    This perfume I really wanted to like because I am looking for a new one, but this one has just too much Citrus for me. I was hoping I would smell the rose, white musk or even vanilla but I did not. I know each of us has a different body chemistry and that could be it. Lovely bottle but will not stand up but the scent is just not for me.I will keep because I don't like sending things back unless absolutely necessary but my daughter loves it so I will be giving it to her and still look for me one

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  • Beautiful fragrance, (Christa505 PA)

    I love this Perfume. I have all of Lancome's fragrances, and this is my go-to for every day. Coworkers, dentist, neighbors have complimented me on this perfume.

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  • Smells Great, (Ruthe3 GA)

    I would have given this 5 stars for the smell but the skinny bottle it is packaged in won't set up on my dressing table. It is too thin to set up. Too aggravating.

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  • smells wonderful, (street53 GA)

    loved the sale price HSN. My husband loves the way it smells on me.

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  • My favorite, (BGA1 TX)

    This perfume is the best ever i love it, is a scent that last all day long on your body it's worth every penny you spend the deal was excellent

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  • Poor Bottle Design, (hymnsinger1 WV)

    The Lancme Eau de Parfum has a pleasant and refreshing scent. Somewhat strong when you first put it on but very nice after that. My reason for 3 stars is the bottle design. It is such a thin bottle that it is very difficult to get the bottle to stand alone and I have to stand it against something or lay it down. Also the top of the bottle came broken on both sides. The parts that project on either side of the top had snapped off. Very disappointing to receive a damaged item.

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  • Nice perfume, (pph CT)

    This perfume has a light scent which doesn't fade and is not overpowering. My one complaint is that the bottle does not stand up, so I cannot display it with others on my dresser. I do wish the company would fix this.

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  • Nice Scent, (JodiBarnes WI)

    The scent is very soft not overwhelming at all. The bottle shape is very weird and is very hard to store. You will need to lay flare. If you want to display this perfume this isnt the perfume for you. The smell is amazing!! My perfume bottle came broken this was going to be a gift but since it was broken I kept for myself! I received lots of complements on the smell of the perfume!

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