Lancôme High Résolution Eye Refill-3X™ Cream

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  • Best eyecream, (Pattystar69 CA)

    I have used this eye cream for many years. Started using Lancme eye creams since my late twenties, I am now 69 years young. I will never stop using this product.

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  • Best, (Amy277 NV)

    The best eye product for my eyes!Helps with moisture and lines!

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  • Perplex, (saint69 NY)

    I have used in the past the Lancome products, but decided again to purchase the High Resolution Eye Refill 3x, to my surprise the jar was 1/4 filled and the jar has no instructions on how to apply it as do most of the Lancome products in Macys, Lord & Taylor Bloomingdale. And the sample (free) that I received from Macys was the same size that HSN is charging me $68.00. That's when I started comparing the jar which is not the Lancome jar - it might say "LANCOME" but its not.. All it has in writing is in the front, I ask - How could that be???Gloria

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  • Like it mildly, (ARMYBABERS IN)

    I think fir normal people it would be a fantastic product; however, for me my under eyes are in need of some type of filler. Landcome products are for sure worth your money. I have been using them for 30+ years and have always gotten great results from them.

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  • Beauty, (cujomax PA)

    Great product wonderful love it

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  • Great product, (cvcar123 MO)

    I like Lancome products. I have always had good results with Lancome. I had to return this product due to it was open. I pruchase a lot of Lancome over the counter at Macy's.

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  • My Fav!!!, (Tooksie PA)

    I found this eye cream to be one of the best I have tried. I luv Lancome products but am choosey about certain ones. This eye cream I use during the day, because it is absorbed readily and I can apply my eye make up almost immediately. It fills in my crows feet nicely, (nothing makes them go away forever, so I do what I can with the products that work well, and thats how it is with this eye product. P.S. I also us Genifique Eye at night luv that too.

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  • Over 50, (Anonymous CA)

    I cannot believe how wonderful this is. I will never change. When you are 56, you have tried all the drug store brands and everything in-between. I love this eye cream, and it pairs up well with the Genifique eye cream as well.

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  • Eye Cream From Lancome, (Pollyanna53 GA)

    What can I say - I've been using it for years and can't live without it. I'm a firm believer that it works and have faith that it is a must have to continue to keep my wrinkles away. So far so good and at 59, I'll take all the help I can get - especially around the eyes. It really feels great too.

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  • Love this stuff!, (sunnydale FL)

    I have tried many eye cremes on my 52 year old wrinkles and this stuff really works well for me. One hint that is good to takes about 30 minutes for the creme to really show some improvement in the lines around the eyes. I use it twice a day and I love it. Makes my eyes look much brighter...less tired, too. Thanks for bringing Lancome to HSN!

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  • Waste of Money, (Anonymous )

    Applied the product as directed for 30 days. I had no results. Eventhough I do not have dark circles under the eyes, I was so sure this advertised product would help my eye wrinkles. Fat Chance! Will not order the company's skin care products again! Waste of Money!

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  • Just another ripoff eye cream, (patty721 AZ)

    I tried to like this product, but like so many other out there that boast how wonderful they did nothing different. I even gave it two full months before writing my review. I used it religiously as directed and it did absolutely nothing. I've decided to embrace my wrinkles instead of wasting anymore money.

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  • Left eye area looking worse, (KAYTEE58 )

    I tried this and I bought as a gift at a friend's request. Neither of us had a good experience. It leaves the skin around the eye parched looking.

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  • to much hype, (boat )

    I agree and disagree with other of the reviews;it takes more than 7 days to see results;the problem is the hype of hosts with the instant results;and the pushing of this product was so over done;I see it has not sold out yet;losing faith in hsn ; with jump on ; grab it; makes you feel like a loser if you miss something;

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  • Not up to Lancome''s standard, (sk123 TX)

    This product is very drying to the undereye. I was so hoping this would be a product that worked. I do however love their Oscillating Mascara. Sorry I lost the money on the eye cream.

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