Korres Meno-Reverse Eye and Lip Cream

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  • It Works!, (7lucky7 AZ)

    I love this and just reordered. I agree with another poster about wishing it was available on auto ship as I dont want to run out. It dispenses nicely, so easy to just pat into skin around eye and lip areas. It soaks in and leaves skin looking fresh and moisturized; definitely reduces wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

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  • AMAZING, (happyhappy73 AZ)

    After one use, I knew this would be a keeper for me. This is very moisturizing and leaves my eye area and lips feeling refreshed. I could see a very noticeable difference after five days use twice a day. Lip stick bleeding made it almost impossible to wear anything but lip gloss. I don't have that problem now. Very impressed how this brightens and open the eye area. Definitely worth trying and this is my new go to meno reverse along with all the rest of this lines products. Yes! Yes! A winner!

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  • Light and effective , (am54 LA)

    I love this lip and eye cream! This is an awesome compliment to the memo-reverse line! It is not heavy and greasy. Its light and absorbs nicely. Great results!!!

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  • My new Fave!, (terbear52 NC)

    This is my new favorite product! Thank you korres for making menoreverse for the eyes and mouth area. It works! I will buy this again!

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  • IMPRESSED!!!, (AmySVa VA)

    This eye and lip cream is Amazing! It delivers moisture without being too much and makes my crows feet disappear! It works after the first use and gets better with each use. I am using it all around my mouth and the lip lines fade! Worth every penny!!!

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  • FANTASTIC!!!, (Kathy34Fla FL)

    I use this all the way around the eye. Ive not tried it on lip yet. This is lightweight, and ERASES the fine lines I do have. Wish this was on autoship. Another KORRES HOMERUN!

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  • Eye and Lip Cream, (Chase7791 MI)

    I love that it has no scent. It goes on smooth and feels good. I have noticed it has helped my upper lip look smoother. I am 57 and am a skin care junkie. This one was a good deal so I stocked up.

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  • Not Much Product , (Angelmau5 MN)

    I liked the product, didnt really notice much of a change. There wasnt much product in there for the price I paid. You need to put in more product for the amount of money youre charging for it.

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  • Great Korres product!, (dedeinthecountry WI)

    After watching the video, I ordered this, and am impressed so far. Love the twist-up bottle, consistency of the cream, and that there's no scent (as many Korres products have). I can control the amount used, it goes on smooth and silky, covers well, and leaves my eyes refreshed and soothed. The ingredients are what I want these days; perfect for my aging eyes and around the mouth.

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  • Lives up to expectations, (Catmom3 CA)

    I don't see any improvement in the eye area, but for the aging areas around lips this is one product that actually delivers on it's promise. Very pleased with the improvement of dry lines. It looks like I've been smoking or whistling all my life and haven't done either... this is really smoothing out the awful dryness/lines. Just ordered another bottle. A little goes a very long way too.

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  • So far so good, (Gina57 CA)

    So far so good. It does make my crow feet and 11 lines look smoother.The lines around my mouth not so butlets be honest to completely get rid of wrinkles you need Botox or something and this works well for me at the age of 70.No complaints I would recommend.

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  • nice cream but........, (shopper3434 CT)

    It's a nice cream, but there is hardly any product in the bottle. It's 30% full, if that. Disappointing for a $50.00 cream. All container no product.

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  • Just okay, (Corinne385 NJ)

    A really nice moisturizer, very rich. Does add a lot of moisturizer to the eye area but that is about it. Doesn't do a thing for bags or puffiness. Would not purchase again.

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  • Still waiting, (Anewme19 VA)

    Waiting for more time for better results. Face feels dirty after some time.

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