Korres Mega Size Aloe Hand Wash

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  • drying, (hookedonhsn2011 NY)

    really dries out your hands. my hands became so itchy i stopped using and went back to the olive hand wash by korres. my hands stop itching. I guess I will be throwing out the bottle which is 3/4 full what a waste

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  • Great product!, (Becky007 FL)

    I find the scent lovely for hand wash, very hydrating. Love your products and love that you dont skimp on the pump!!! Will definitely buy again.

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  • LOVE IT HAND WASH, (9blessed- CT)


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  • Mega Size !!!???, (Zarata LA)

    13 oz. Price too highWill NOT buy Torres again

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  • best ever, (Sam6241 TX)

    cleans well

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  • Soft hands, (mary-marnie WI)

    I love this product. 2nd order. I am hoping that Korres will offer this item in a 1 liter size. Leaves your hands smooth and soft.

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  • Not so much, (GrandmaTerri676 CA)

    Certainly good quality product and does the job, just didnt find the scent fun or interesting. Will refill w my Korres honeysuckle, jasmine or honey pear.

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  • Love This Handwash, (mfg12 NY)

    Don't understand some of the negative reviews. I find this hand wash very mild and moisturizing. The scent is light and fresh. I also purchased the hand lotion which I love.

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  • Instantly Hydrates Beautiful Soft Scent, (janarama54 CA)

    Beautiful hydration as I washed my hands with this rich lather leaving them smooth and soft. I keep and use mine by the kitchen sink. My husband's hands are always dry from the gloves and handwashing at his hospital job. He remarked the difference using this as well. Thanks Korres for another great product!

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  • Cleans and softens, (Chickie817 WA)

    I don't like the smell of this soap, It lingers on my hand and I keep smelling that smell I don't like. I like the big bottle size as I use it alot.I don't notice very much difference in how my hands look compared to the body cleanser of KORRES.

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  • Amazing!, (brooklyn1970 TX)

    This soap is extremely gentle and smells wonderful. It does not dry out my skin. I had to wait awhile for it to arrive, but it was worth the wait. I also bought the lotion and have it next to my kitchen sink.

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  • NOT AS ADVERTISED , (Gogiinva VA)

    I was very disappointed as this does NOT have a "mild" scent but a penetrating floral smell that cannot be washed off with another unscented soap. I agree with another reviewer as well that if anything my hands were more dryer than helped by the 2 times I used this stuff. Packed back up and ready for shipment back to HSN.

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  • Another winner!, (CharBella WA)

    Love this new aloe hand wash and dont understand negative reviews at all. The fragrance is very light and fresh. Perfect for kitchen or bath. My hands remained very smooth long after they were dry. Going back for the matching lotion. Recommend!

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  • Sodium laurel sulfate & fragrance , (Christen1 MA)

    Im a nurse. My hands have gotten so dry & red with all the harsh hospital soap and hand sanitizers. I bought this to use during clinic days when Im in one room and can have my soap at the sink. We have tried this and dont find it any better than any other hand soap non fact its irritating with sodium laurel sulfate and lots of fragrance. Id say its causing a sensitivity reaction. If they say its wht the doctors use in Greece, Korres probably gifted a few doctors with soap to say that.

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  • This smells AWFUL, (funkydana TX)

    I love the other hand soap from Korres. The 2 pack which is sold out.This soap has a strong chemical smell. I hate it.I sure wish that it smelled nicer!!Ordered the other one that I love and that does NOT have a nauseating smell.

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