Korres Lilac Hyacinth Body Cleanser - 1 Liter

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  • Lorre's liac shower gel, (Mare1225 NY)

    Nice fragrance. Soothing & clean.

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  • Fantastic, (ira831 NY)

    The scent is great! This iis my second order (for me), I sent to others to friends.I do wish the pump was higher!

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  • Great product. Horrible pump, (Gina123456789 NJ)

    Love the product. The lilac is wonderful. My complaint is about the pump. I opened the plastic wrap and it was broken. Very annoying!!

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  • Great scent and clean, (Heather779 OH)

    I love Korres, but this is one of my all time favs!

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  • Love he scent, (Fooney AZ)

    The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I could not get the dispenser to work no matter what I did. It would just not pop up and function. It is nearly impossible for me to get out of the house to return it, so I just replaced the dispenser with that of a bottle of body cleanser I had used up.Attention Korres: I have never encountered this problem with any of your other products. I hope it will not happen again.

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  • Wonderful Lilac scent, (Customer118 OH)

    This may be my favorite scent . It is divine. My only issue is with the different pump which doesn't seem to work like the others I purchased before. so I had to make this a 4 star rating. I will swap out the pump on an empty container for this one.

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  • Love it, but., (robbie112 MD)

    I am so sick of these short pumps, very inconvenient. I have to switch to old pumps I saved when I saw what was happening. Please changed or I will have to quit buying. And now the price has gone up.

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  • Not a pleasant scent , (southoffrance NY)

    I really wanted to like this product, but the scent is overpowering. All I can say is that it smells like a detergent. Want to send it back...but it is not easy..lines at the Post office. This company is fine, I like the Blossom scent. Will stick with scent I know. Going back to Shopping in person.

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  • Love product, don't love the new pump, (SnakeBreaks WA)

    My most recent purchase of the 1 Liter has a different pump. The nozzle is extremely short. If you want to pump directly onto your shower puff it's impossible to do unless you pick the bottle up and tilt it. This is a big bottle and awkward to hold in one hand and pump into the other.

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  • OK body wash, (CATLADY555 NJ)

    I bought this item because it allegedly had two of my favorite scents: lilac and hyacinth. First of all, the pump top is very hard to open. When I finally figured it out, I used it the next time I showered. It does have a nice scent, but, in my opinion, does not resemble lilac or hyacinth. It is a nice body wash, but I have other less expensive body washes that I like even more.I will continue to use it, but I will not order it again too expensive and not worth all the hype.

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  • Not much of a lilac scent, (seren53 TN)

    As usually it is a great cleanser but if you really want to smell lilacs this does not have it at all......A big miss with this one. Most of their scented cleanser are very faint. The product is great but lacking in the scents. I as hoping to really enjoy that scent in the shower on these hot summer days.

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  • korres lilac-hyacinth , (Bbley-2- OH)

    Would try a different cleanser. It was just ok. First one I purchase was gardenia. Lilac did not leave the soft smell as the gardenia. May try a different scent the next time or stick with Gardenia. would not recommend the lilac.

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  • Lovely product - horrible packaging, (Dorian1847 ME)

    I bought 3 of these (different scents) and when they arrived one was leaking and the pump internally broken. HSN sent a replacement. So, I used 2 of them and the only one of the pumps actually worked correctly. The last of the 3 (well, actually 4) had the same issue but worse. The pump did not pop up and no matter what we did could not get it work at all so had to transfer the product into another bottle which we had to purchase. So, all in all, HORRIBLE PACKAGING! NEVER AGAIN! DO NOT BUY!

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  • did not receive, (HAPPYFEET70 CA)

    i purchase before...great product, this time i did not receive them.

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  • Where is the fragrance, (GEMS4ME KY)

    Lilac-Hyacinth is my favorite for the rich floral bouquet that is heady. But this last bottle is not the same. The scent is not there and I understand everything is getting downsized, but I would rather pay the extra to keep the product as is rather than pay the same and get disappointment. The pump was so flimsy, but I changed it out with the good pump in an older bottle. If this how they are going to sell the product then I will no longer purchase.

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