Korres Greek Goddess Tanning Serum 2-pack with Gloves

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  • You nailed it!, (bohatton FL)

    Finally a self-tanning product that I love! The product goes on without streaks or that awful smell other products have. Over a two-day period, I put on two thin layers and, even after showering, the tan lasted for a week. I love this product!

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  • Amazing self tanner!, (sunnydawn77 NY)

    I am so glad I took a chance and bought this self tanner. No orange. No smell. It gives such a nice even golden tan. I love mixing it with my body lotion and applying before I go out. It looks so natural and you dont even need to use the glove. I put it on without it, just remember to wash your hands afterwards, thats all. Great purchase!

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  • LOVE. , (luvbug22 CA)

    I have bought so many fake tanners and they all smelt bad and left color in the pores of my legs and stained my bedding and nightgowns and left my skin dry with more wrinkles. This one has really no smell I dont have to wash my nightgown before using it again after putting this on. My bedsheets dont stink after sleeping with this on. I do have to let it dry for 10-20 min but it dries so smooth like nothing on. My skin feels good from it and the color is beautiful.

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  • Korres Tanning Serun, (Walker4me NY)

    Love this product. This is my second purchase, and it came as a duo. That is great. I squirt a small amount in my hand. It goods on perfectly. No orange look. I don't even use the gloves it comes with. I just my hands after immediately applying it. I usually sit the sun for about an hour a day and this serum really enhances my color.

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  • Good, (GIL33 IL)

    The good things about this tanning product are that you can see where you are putting it AND ESPECIALLY THAT IT DRIES FAST--within 5 minutes, so you can put clothes right on. The less than wonderful part is that the product can get all over the place and can stain clothing.

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  • Hard to Use, (Ravensnest2 PA)

    Difficult to use due to the gel consistency. Product just smears with the gloves; also tried a mitt with the same results - definitely streaks.

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  • Bad!, (jax611 IL)

    I dont know what the deal is with this, but it wouldnt even go in skin hardly! It just slid around and very streaky like its old or something. I wish I would have used it before 30 days but we were moving so its here but cannot recommend at all

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  • Tanning Serum, (jeaninehsn9 OH)

    I tried this product on 3 different occasions. Each time it streaked badly, the product crumbled when trying to smooth it out on my legs, and it literally never really dried. I had to shower the product off after several hours of wear, because it remained so sticky and uneven on my skin.

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  • streaks galore, (Salita635 NY)

    The rubber one-use throw-away gloves were the worst. they made streaks and moved the liquid all over the skin in globs, which felt like mucus that just wouldn't soak in. I finally used a sponge mit which helped, but the product/color never took...it remained on my skin very sticky and streaking. I love Korres and really wanted to like this. The only good thing was the pleasant smell-but it didn't work and was an absolute mess. It washed off in batches and left my skin a patchy mess. No good.

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